Airports Abkhazia - Abkhazia list of international airports

Airports Abkhazia

Airports Abkhazia

Solar Abkhazia gainingpopularity among the lovers of the sea who do not want to burden themselves with registration of passports and visas. There are all conditions in this Black Sea country to holiday or vacation have been "a great success". Abkhazia does not have its own airport, and the closest to it is the air gate of the Sochi airport Adler.

International Airport for Abkhazia

Deciding to fly on vacation in Pitsunda and Gagra,You have to use airport serving not only Adler, but the entire Greater Sochi. The largest in the south of Russia, this air harbor is located 30 km south-east of the city of Sochi.

Past and present

The story began in 1941, the airport whenrequired to build the runway for the needs of military aviation. Today, the airport ranked eighth in the country in the number of passengers served and the last renovation took place in front of his terminal Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.
The new terminal was built in 2009. It has a modern infrastructure that allows passengers to comfortably pass the time waiting for a flight. It emitted - cafes and restaurants, rooms of mother and child, duty free shops, currency exchange, parking and much more.

Airlines and destinations

Airport near Abkhazia, located in Sochi, performs a variety of domestic and international flights:

  • Air Moldova, Uzbekistan Airways, Belavia flying to Chisinau, Minsk and Tashkent respectively.
  • Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines serve passengers traveling to Istanbul.
  • Mahan Air operates flights to Tehran.
  • Numerous airlines of a Russian associatetheir flights Airport near Abkhazia with various regions of the country. From Sochi fly "Yamal", "Yakutia", "Ural Airlines", "Saratov airlines", "Victory", "Nordavia", the S7, and, of course, "Aeroflot".

Air terminal Sochi Adler airport has a capacity of up to 2,500 people per hour and yield on this indicator only the capital and largest Siberian air gate.

Transfer to Abkhazia

To get from the airport to Abkhazia and its resortsThere are several ways. Transfer to the center of Adler, the city where the airport is located, - the first step on the way here and tour the easiest to use electric trains. They stop outside the terminal entrance on the first floor of the terminal.
From Adler to be reached by taxi or bus to the Psou border crossing, and then passing the formalities associated with crossing the border, continue on to the chosen resort.


  • Airports Abkhazia

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