Attractions in Gagra: photo, entertainment. Amusement parks in Gagra

Attractions in Gagra

Attractions in Gagra

Gagra - one of the most visited resorts in the Caucasus. Once he wore the title of the resort №1 in Abkhazia, and its tourist infrastructure is developing very rapidly. Unfortunately, the recent military events and uncertain status of modern Abkhazia do not contribute to the growth of the tourism industry, so the enormous potential of the city is only partially implemented. However, today this area is also very attractive to travelers, and attractions in Gagra quite capable to please not too capricious tourists.

In addition to the many beaches, bars, cafes, restaurants and walking tours in the city you can find a lot of interesting and active recreation. So it will not be bored anyone.

Gagra waterpark

To date, the onlya water park in Abkhazia. In its relatively small area there are 6 slides of varying heights, so they can have fun here as children and their parents. Here you can also find pools with fresh and sea water, with a separate toddler pool with a maximum depth of which does not exceed 50 cm.

Water Park opens on June 1 and runs everyday until the closing of the beach season. Opening hours - 10:00 - 19:00, the cost of an adult ticket - 900 rubles, children 600. Children under 4 years free entrance.

Inflatable water slide on the beach "Gagra"

Not the most refined ride, but forlocal conditions looks quite good. It is a high hill with two ups and a central section for the descent, for which a person sinking into a fresh water swimming pool. A good option for families with children.

Boat trips

In this type of service most excelled club"Pelican", which provides a fascinating boat trips on motor catamarans. Noteworthy these walks that the cultural program is provided to them, including:

  • picnic in the most picturesque corners of the wild coast;
  • barbecue and local cuisine;
  • fishing and cooking freshly caught seafood on the spot.

So that option is also very good, for friends and for families with children.

In addition, the region is very well developed diving, so fans of extreme entertainment will also be satisfied.


  • Attractions in Gagra
  • Attractions in Gagra

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