Inspection of Gagra area. List of the best viewing points in Gagra

Viewpoints Gagra

Viewpoints Gagra

Gagra is surrounded by mountains covered by dense forests,making it sheltered from cold winds. This resort is ideal for children, youth, family, and leisure, because here there are diving centers, and the Prince of Oldenburg castle (sample of Art Nouveau, its roof covered with red tiles), and beautiful nature, and a water park (a 6 waterslides and 7 swimming pools), and areas for sports. Another game that can afford to tourists - enjoy beautiful panoramic views (to realize our plans will help them viewing platforms Gagra).

Mountain Mamdzyshha - the best observation deck Gagra

The height of the mountains - over 1800 m, and hereequipped with several areas for review, which shows not only the Black Sea, Gagra and its architecture, but also Pitsunda (armed with binoculars, you can even consider Sukhum Cape):

  • The first area (300 m above the ground) allows visitors to stand on a balcony with railings (in addition, they will be able to have a snack in the cafe, ordering from a menu of Caucasian cuisine).
  • The second site (more than 900 m above the ground)installed in the center of the serpentine coil, leading to peak. It is worth noting that, according to legend, must leave a scrap of fabric on one of a number being the bushes - it should bring happiness.

You can come here alone while walkingwalking tour or purchase ( "delivery" of tourists to the destination are engaged excursion vans). It is worth noting that the tours to the lookout points are quite popular in the evening - many travelers prefer to admire the incredible beauty of the sunsets from the heights.

River Gorge Tsiherva

In some parts of the gorge (athe natural border between the Old and New Gagra; inside you can see the waterfall) equipped with observation platforms from which visitors will be able to admire the Gagra, Bzyb river valley, river Musser. Address: landmark - the old school building number 2, located at the intersection of Tsiherva and General dBar.

Grill-bar "Mojito"

Through panoramic windows, visitors canenjoy the views on the coastal line of the sea. Here you can taste dishes prepared on charcoal as well as to see the broadcast of sports and music on the big screen. Address: Nartaa street, 49.


Admire the surroundings and experience the incredibleYou feel you can use this service as paragliding in Gagra. Flight duration 20-30 minutes will start from the mountain Mamdzyshha 1500-meter-high (flight cost - 3000 rubles for an extra charge service is provided in the form of a movie).


  • Viewpoints Gagra
  • Viewpoints Gagra
  • Viewpoints Gagra

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