Prices in Sukhumi - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Sukhumi

Prices in Sukhumi

Prices in Sukhumi

Sukhum is the oldest city - it is already more2500 years. Today it is the capital and one of the most attractive cities in Abkhazia. Sukhumi - a sunny and inexpensive resort, whose popularity is growing every year. The mild subtropical climate, beautiful nature and clean sea water - these are the main attractive features of the city. Prices in Sukhumi low, so here is actively traveling tourists from Russia.

Accommodation in Sukhumi

The season begins in mid-May. At this time, the first holidaymakers welcome hotels. In Sukhum, you can find affordable housing in the private sector. Room rates in this year are the same as in the past. At the same comfort level has grown significantly, making it even more attractive vacation in Sukhum. In the city the best hotel suite can be rented for 5000 rubles. A good recommendation is the hotel "Inter-Sukhum", located near the sea, in the resort park area. The cost of the tour with the population in this hotel is worth a minimum of 6000 rubles for 2 nights (for 1 person). This amount is included room and board.

Where to eat in Sukhumi

In the capital of Abkhazia operated numerousrestaurants and cafes. They are concentrated mainly around the Quay Dioscuri. The city has restaurants that offer dishes of national, Russian, Italian, Turkish and other cuisines. Most schools offer a mixed menu. In any restaurant you can enjoy hot and meat dishes, cold dishes, salads and desserts. For breakfast, the tourists can enjoy cereals, dairy products, toast, pancakes, etc. A portion of oatmeal is 60-70 rubles. Cafe "Askal" offers Armenian dishes:. Dolma, etc. khinkali Business lunch for 1 person there costs 200 rubles. A good Italian coffee and Turkish tea is in the cafe «Barista». Many cafes hold shares, reduce the value of certain foods.

Excursions in Sukhumi

Vacationers can enjoy the sightseeingtours by contacting the hotel guides. Buy a ticket can be on the street, in every stall of travel agencies. Excursions on Sukhumi and its surroundings are very interesting and accessible. Many businesses in the city are destroyed at the time of the Georgian-Abkhaz war. The main attractions of the country is outside Sokhumi.
In the capital of Abkhazia, you can visit the beautifulbotanical garden, where they grow unusual plants. During the tour you will need to pay $ 10. In Sukhumi monkey nursery is located, you can see that for $ 5. State nursery currently leaves much to be desired. But this tour is very popular with the children, because there they can feed the monkeys. Tourists are offered a trip from the capital in the picturesque village Lykhny, worth about $ 15.


  • Prices in Sukhumi

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