Bus tours to Abkhazia. The cost of bus tours on Abkhazia in 2016

Bus tours to Abkhazia

Bus tours to Abkhazia

It often happens that I want to see the othercountry and get to know a foreign culture, but banal tours that are advertised everywhere, you do not want to go. If you have nothing to surprise, you've been everywhere and simply do not know where else to go, you can try to go to Abkhazia. Perhaps this sentence does not sound too appealing, but you can never judge the tour, never having been in it. Bus tours to Abkhazia - is something that will allow you to relax and get a new experience without spending a large amount of funds.

Features of the bus tour

Bus tour in Abkhazia can be aand a short trip on the weekend, and a full 11-day tour with a variety of excursions and visits to the seaside. This is a very original way to spend a vacation and a short time to disconnect from their own problems. If you plan to not only see Abkhazia, but also swim in the sea and to get a bronze tan, your best bet is to plan a trip in the later months of spring or early summer months. At this time, the local beaches is not too crowded, and there is intense heat, which may create some inconvenience on the trip.

Be that as it may, the inconvenience to the bus you do notIt will be no, because they are most comfortable. Air-conditioning and all the amenities on the bus, as well as the opportunity to explore the path of Abkhazia - a unique opportunity to combine business with pleasure. A professional guide will tell you the legends and history of the region, passing answering your questions and advising on various historical monuments that are visible from the window.

in unique places Excursions

Most often, the bus tour organizers in Abkhazia offer visitors historical information based on the conduct of the four excursions:

  • Kamala - a tour of the holy places that are associated with the name of St. St. John the Baptist.
  • Ilori Temple.
  • New Athos - a tour of the churches and monasteries, "the sinner's path", as well as swimming in the source.
  • Kyndyksky thermal spring.

However, the uniqueness of Abkhazia can also learn andindependently. Most likely, you will be allocated a certain amount of time to study some areas. During these impromptu trips you can buy souvenirs, a snack or just to enjoy the cultural characteristics of the region and make new acquaintances. Locals kept quite and did not rush to communicate with tourists, but it does not mean that people do not go to the contact. In general, the attitude towards tourists here, rather friendly, so no problems with the locals you will not have.

Bus tour in Abkhazia - is your unique chance to visit the beach and see the wonderful land with cultural characteristics and a different mentality residents.

Abkhazia is a country soul

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  • Bus tours to Abkhazia

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