The cost of living in Abkhazia

The cost of living in Abkhazia

The cost of living in Abkhazia

Little is proud of its beautiful Abkhaziageographic location, unique natural resources, scenic views and access to the Black Sea. It contributes to the development of the tourist potential of the country, to the same and low cost of living in Abkhazia is not the last argument for the guest.

The cost of housing is calculated either on the basis ofthe number of residents or the number of days of stay in Abkhazia. The most expensive housing in the famous Abkhaz resorts such as New Athos, Pitsunda, Gagra, where accommodation in the guest house will cost 350 Russian rubles per person per day, in a boarding house - 1300. The second option - rent apartments, the price is also quite high, from 2500 rubles per day, renting a villa is even more expensive - from 3000 rubles per day. Same with the hotel: in the beginning of May the number Pitsunda could cost 4,000 rubles for two people per night in peak season price increase three times.

Yesterday and today

Once his fame and the famous beaches of Pitsundabeauty lake Ritsa resounded far beyond the boundaries of Abkhazia. Military action and clarification of relations between the two countries led to a catastrophic decline in the number of tourists.

Now the stage of revival begins tourismpotential. Reconstructed the old sanatorium, built new resorts and hotels. Nature was able to protect his treasure - the sea in Abkhazia crystal clear, cypresses and pines are still pleased with emerald colors.
In regards to the local residents and visitors, little has changed, the same hospitality and warmth abundant tables, beautiful toast.

Hotel or private sector?

Make a choice in favor of a particular typeresiding in Abkhazia difficult. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Accommodation in the private sector can be several times cheaper than in a hotel, no matter, it is in the hands of the state or privately owned. On the other hand, housing in a private home may even disappoint accustomed to camp life tourist. So you should take a cautious approach to such proposals appearing on the Internet. One option - to rent an apartment from reliable hosts or decide based on consumer reviews.

Main sights

Lake Riza enjoys a commanding position in the list ofbeautiful places of Abkhazia, which is to see every guest from distant lands. It is located, as they say in the beautiful toast, "high up in the mountains" in the reserve.

Protected areas are drawn to manykilometers, starting at sea level and ending at a height of about three thousand meters. During the ascent to the mountain tourist sees as alternate natural areas, and, accordingly, can appreciate the richness of flora and Abkhaz encountered on the way the local fauna.

But the most vivid impressions are waiting for tourists near the lake, because they will see and capture in the memory:

  • stunning beauty and transparency of Riza lake;
  • mysterious rocks, drinking the purest lake water;
  • primeval forests, thick cap sheltering slopes.

A local tour guides are ready to talk in the morning ancient legends associated with it a major miracle Abkhazia.


  • The cost of living in Abkhazia
  • The cost of living in Abkhazia
  • The cost of living in Abkhazia

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