Rest in Abkhazia with children - photos, spas

Rest in Abkhazia with children

Rest in Abkhazia with children

Sea, sun and wonderful hospitality for little money - a guaranteed pleasure available to anyone who chose as a script for a holiday vacation in Abkhazia with children.

"Behind" ...

Going on holiday with children in Abkhazia, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons of the upcoming trip. By unconditional positive aspects include:

  • Ability to organize enough budget travel. It's enough to rent a house in the private sector and to engage in the preparation of the breakfast and lunch on your own.
  • Ideal Abkhaz climate does not cause the need for a long acclimatization even babies.

... Or "Against"?

  • The difficult road, which includes flight, then a bus or taxi, crossing the border and then move to the chosen resort, can tire even the adult traveler.
  • Not too perfect state of health resorts of Abkhazia in terms of modern equipment and sanitary conditions may seem unappealing for those who are used to comfort and service.

The hospitality of the locals - a definite plusfamilies with children in Abkhazia and all shortcomings in terms of service, or health standards is more than covered by the friendly attitude and warm welcome guaranteed by any tourist from Russia.

Preparing properly

Packing bags for holidays in Abkhazia with the children, notremember to put them in a first aid kit with drugs in case of intestinal infections and personal care products. Do not allow children to drink water from the tap, and when ordering drinks at a restaurant or cafe, avoid ice in glasses.
If the holiday fell on the middle of the summer, try not to leave the kids out of the sun for a long time and without panama and often put on their skin sunscreen.

Passwords turnout addresses

Locals who know their neighborhood and along thewide, recommended for families with children in Abkhazia under the settlement Lidzava Pitsunda. In the local bay is never high waves and the sea - clean and clear. In the pines and eucalyptus trees there, but because the air here is especially healthful and suitable even for kids with allergies and respiratory problems. Lidzava Beach sand shingle and relatively deserted. Hotels here are small and family, and their owners make children great discounts on accommodation.
For active recreation conditions in Pitsundakids may seem pretty boring, but in Gagra, on the contrary, all the conditions for a variety of games and entertainment. The main attraction of Abkhazia, without having to visit a holiday with the children here can not be considered successful - monkey nursery in Sukhumi.


  • Rest in Abkhazia with children

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