Restaurants in Abkhazia - the best restaurants and cafes Abkhazia

Restaurants in Abkhazia

Restaurants in Abkhazia

The once lush Soviet resort region, AbkhaziaHe is trying to regain its former grandeur and recover lost and destroyed very actively. And now pulled to the warm sea swallows the first tourist who meets the beaches, hotels, guest houses and restaurants Abkhazia. Although some are still unsettled and neprichesannost in Pitsunda and Gagra words "dinner if you please?" already can meet visitors, even in the middle of the institution hands. What else also has to imagine the sun pretty weary traveler but the hospitality and care?

Leafing through the menu

Nail programs of any restaurant in Abkhazia -khachapuri. Magic flavors hot suluguni, filled the middle of the most delicate cake, perfectly cooked publishes "boat" from which looks golden egg eye. Khachapuri can order and try endlessly. It is prepared in different parts of the world, but only in Abkhazia restaurants found the one at the recollection of which becomes so warm at heart.
No less enthusiasm is a real Abkhazianadjika as a spice to the traditional shish kebab or eggplant with nuts. It inflames the appetite and makes the waiter to ask again and again bring to the table Abkhazian wine - tart, aromatic, with extraordinary ruby ​​tint.

In search of the ideal

Going on vacation in Abkhazia, it is important to understand,that the hotel in the usual sense of the tourist packet is almost not there. Alternatively, the hotel can offer a buffet breakfast, and guesthouse - four meals in the style of a complex meal. That is why the choice of independent and curious traveler - cafes and restaurants in Abkhazia, where you can taste all the best:

  • Most budget option - preserved from the Soviet era canteens, where the spa tradition in preparing some of the first and second low-cost meals to choose from.
  • Cafe in Sukhumi and Gagra - places higher status. They can offer dishes from fish and seafood, local wines, desserts and even an evening program.
  • Restaurants in Abkhazia quite unpredictable interms of compliance rates and quality of service. That's why choosing the restaurant for dinner, should explore reviews or just look at the number of guests at the tables.

Shalyapin scaffolding

Scene restaurant "Gagripsh" - a unique place inAbkhazia. Back in 1902 it was built by the Prince of Oldenburg. The facility is in those years, the palace of Princess Eugenie. It was bought in Norway, transported in Gagra and collected there. Becoming restaurant "Gagripsh" took on its stage the famous Chaliapin with the concert program, and among its patrons were seen Chekhov, Bunin, and even Stalin.


  • Restaurants in Abkhazia

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