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Traditions Abkhazia

Traditions Abkhazia

Legend has it that God gave all the people of the land,when on his doorstep suddenly appeared Abkhazia. It was late only because receive guests in his house, and could not leave him alone, not giving the required honor. The guest was the angel who told God about the warm welcome and respect, which gave him the Abkhaz modest home. Then the Most High gave the Abkhazian land, which is reserved for himself. So there was one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. This legend wonderfully conveys all the major traditions of Abkhazia and especially the character of its inhabitants - the hospitality, calmness and modesty.

Legends and modernity

It is said that Abkhazia tradition based on ancient culture called Apsuara. This concept means for Abkhazia faith and life principles, rules of conduct and basic laws.
Reverence for elders - an indisputable truth thatAny resident of Abkhazia absorb with their mother's milk. With senior pending argue his orders are carried out unquestioningly and authority - is indisputable. At the same time, even the elderly and respected man stands up, if the child comes into the house. So Abkhazians vaccinated children respect and emphasize that the younger generation - the future of any nation.
Every meal begins with washing hands. According to the tradition of Abkhazia, first perform the ritual of the senior family members and guests. The other participants are waiting for the meal, while the first two do not sit at the table and only then proceed to the bathing ceremony.

Useful things

  • Being a guest in Abkhazian family or companydo not attempt to offer a fee for the reception or night - so you can not seriously offend the hosts. As a thank you we can say sincerely pleasant word or give a little souvenir.
  • Being someone's guest does not need to worry about their own safety. Traditions of Abkhazia suggested that the host country assumes the role of defender of honor.
  • Being on vacation in Abkhazia, observe the rules of conduct in public places. It is not accepted to shout, because such actions may be perceived as an insult to the locals.
  • Exposes the local topless on beaches is not accepted, as well as appearing on the streets and outside recreation areas in bathing suits or too short shorts and skirts.
  • Promising something residents of Abkhazia, try to keep his word. Otherwise, you will lose their trust and respect forever.


  • Traditions Abkhazia
  • Traditions Abkhazia

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