The capital of Afghanistan: a map, photo. What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Kabul - Afghanistan's capital

Kabul - Afghanistan's capital

In this country, there is no warm sea, skiresorts and other popular tourist places. But it does not matter. After Afghanistan, with its capital - Kabul - it is a very distinctive place with a great history and freedom-loving people.

The capital of Afghanistan is located on the Kabul River andIt is located at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. On the other cities of the country is connected to the city roads. It is the largest industrial center in Afghanistan. It produces a variety of fabrics, ammunition, sugar, furniture and much more.

The population of the capital

Due to its history, Kabul wascosmopolitan look. It is home to a large number of nations and nationalities. The bulk of the foreigners began to arrive here in the 80s of the last century. According to statistics, the city has a population of about 3.5 million inhabitants. Here peacefully coexist different ethnic groups: Tajiks; Hazaras; Uzbeks; Pashtuns; Sikhs. They all speak different languages ​​and dialects, but it does not prevent people to be on the same territory. Three quarters of the population are Sunnis and 25 percent - the Shiites.

Trade in the city

The city is very well developed in terms of trade. In Kabul, it is the Grand Bazaar, which is located on the avenue of Maiwand. One of the largest markets in the city is considered a market called "four arches". Here tightly intertwined streets, lanes and shopping arcades. It is here that you can feel the real life and the spirit of Afghanistan.

In the markets you can walk until the morning, enjoy aslocals traded, share news, and arguing just talking. The main Taciturn in such places somehow believe sellers tissues. In most cases they just sit on the ground, draw in his feet and silently observed the proceedings.

But if you need to find something unusual, it is betterjust go to the almonds. This market specializes in selling almost everything from spices and ending with sheepskin coats. Jewelry, foods, jewelry, fancy goods - all this can be easily bought at a reasonable price and good quality. Locals have a saying - if you could not find anything on the market Almonds, such a thing does not exist in nature.

So, despite the desert climate and the difficulties of overcoming the route, the city is something to see and something to admire.


  • Kabul - Afghanistan's capital
  • Kabul - Afghanistan's capital
  • Kabul - Afghanistan's capital

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