The streets of Kabul - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Kabul

Kabul Streets

Kabul Streets

Afghanistan - this is one of the most interesting and dangerousdirections for modern tourism. Not long ago, this region was very "hot", so even the beautiful sights here could not entice travelers. Today, the situation is almost calm, so the streets of Kabul, meet more travelers. You can try to explore the city on your own, although some share of the risk of running into trouble still exists. But it only gives a special flavor and makes the journey truly memorable.

Official sites Kabulquite a bit, but some of the old areas of the city are still standing, and look exactly the same as it was hundreds of years ago, so the self-exploring the city streets can make many interesting discoveries.

Prospect Maiwand

It is this street is in first place inthe list of must-visit places. It is also called commercial heart of Kabul. Here tourists can see with their own eyes what a real oriental bazaar, plenty of bargain, take a photo on the memory and serves traditional cuisine. Although the latter, of course, is strictly at your own risk.

Quarter Char Chat

This street, or rather, some of its neighborhoods,Maiwand is a miniature copy of the prospectus. However, this place is more focused on the local population, which, however, makes it more valuable for the tourist Bole. After all, here you can see how the everyday life of the average inhabitant of Kabul and more closely to join the culture of this city.

Street Muhammad Akbar Khan Wa

This street with a long name can also berecommend to everyone curious tourists. It is the largest mosque in the city, and in itself this area strikes an unusually motley architecture - the result of non-uniformity of the national composition of the population of this neighborhood. However, walking through Muhammad Akbar Khan Wa Street must remember that at certain times there is very crowded due to the influx of the faithful, so in order to avoid unpleasant incidents had better be very careful.

Street Wasir Akbar Khan

Immediately we can say that there will not be foundnothing special. This street can be identified more as one of the most modern in the city. Here, boutiques, shopping centers, shops and luxury hotels and restaurants. Here you can relax after exploring the old city and its surroundings.

Photos streets of Kabul

  • Kabul Streets
  • Kabul Streets
  • Kabul Streets

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