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Afghan traditions

Afghan traditions

On the territory of this small countryhome to about two dozen nationalities, each of which has brought Afghanistan to the culture of the mite. Woven together, these customs and rules form a bright and colorful oriental flavor, which is a luxurious rug can open an attentive man a special world of Afghan traditions.

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Nationalities living in the Afghan land, have their own traditions and customs. Especially clearly seen in the various national fisheries and crafts, owned by the people of Afghanistan:

  • Turkmen tribes since ancient times famous for carpet weaving. Carpets operation of Afghan Turkmens and today delight connoisseurs and pleasing to the eye ordinary citizens.
  • Representatives balutchi nation made great mats of wool and camel embroidered with gold their national dress.
  • Afghan Tajiks are considered local intelligentsia. They have long created the manuscripts, decorated with national ornaments delicious.

Once in Afghanistan, it is important to represent and general rules of behavior that will help to become a tourist for the locals a good guest and even a friend.

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Respect for the elderly - one of the most importantAfghan traditions. There is even a difference between the dates of birth in a few days it allows older relatives enjoy unquestioning reverence and respect for the younger. Greeted with a senior, it is imperative to get up and shake his hand with both hands. Welcome the woman accepted, standing at some distance from her and offering her hand to her chest. do not look in the eyes of the lady, but to call her sister, on the contrary, is desirable.
Compliance with the rules of conduct in the streetswill hold a public tour of Afghanistan comfortable and hassle-free. The dress code is important not only when visiting religious sites, but also about the normal appearance of the streets. Conservative and strict state prescribes obligatory respect for the feelings of believers during the holy month of Ramadan and during daily prayers.
The traditions of Afghanistan and are shown in a specialrespect to food. Eat here, usually on the rug, sitting on the floor. Meals take the right hand, help themselves and cake knife. Forks and spoons are not accepted, but the foreign guests they bring no problems. You can not brush away the crumbs on the floor, or to show otherwise dismissive attitude to food and conversation at the table can begin only with the permission of the home owner or a senior party feast.


  • Afghan traditions
  • Afghan traditions
  • Afghan traditions
  • Afghan traditions

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