Islands of Africa: photo. Popular African island

Islands of Africa

Islands of Africa

Africa - a huge continent that areasecond only to Eurasia. His wash oceans such as the Atlantic and Indian. The north-eastern coast of Africa come to the Red Sea, and the North - to the Mediterranean. This part of the world includes not only the mainland, but also to the surrounding islands. Islands of Africa increased its area from 29.2 million sq. M. km (the area occupied by the mainland) to 30.3 million sq. m. km.

Brief description of the African islands

The most significant island in this part of the world -Madagascar. On the continent it divides the Mozambique Channel. Near the equator lie the popular tourist destination of Seychelles. To Africa also include Madeira, the Canary Islands, Socotra, Principe, Bioko, etc. The largest area of ​​land in the state of Sao Tome and Principe -. This Sao Tome, bordering on the equator. The island is in the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic). Its length is 48 km and the width -. 32 km. Nature, formed under the influence of the equatorial and tropical marine climate attracts tourists to the island from all over the world. Its population is represented santomeytsami and Portuguese, using the Portuguese language.

The list also includes the African islands of Moheli andMwali. This is the smallest island of the ones that form the Comoros. The island has a poorly developed infrastructure and is sparsely populated. But there is the National Marine Park, which has no analogues. Therefore, on the island of Moheli try to get scuba diving fans to admire the coral formations. An interesting plot of land is the island of Reunion. This overseas territory of France with a population of about 800 thousand people. Reunion Island is located east of Madagascar. Next to him are Swahili Islands. The French managed to turn the island into a colony in 1665, he recalled on Climate Hawaii as also located in a very hot part of the world.

Tropical land belonging to Tanzania- Zanzibar. It is the main island of the archipelago of the same name. Zanzibar is the largest supplier of spices. Zanzibar cloves share in world exports is more than 70%. Therefore, more than half of the island is occupied by plantations of cloves, cinnamon and other spice plants. Islands of Africa in the Arabian Sea (north-west of the Indian Ocean) - are areas of land as part of the Socotra archipelago. It is formed by 2 and 4 cliffs of the island.

Natural features

Different parts of Africa have a heterogeneous environment. The continent stretches from the northern subtropical zone to the subtropical south, crossing the equator. Islands of Africa has diverse flora and fauna. There is a rich underwater world, with white sand beaches, impassable jungles and exotic animals.


  • Islands of Africa
  • Islands of Africa

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