African National Parks: list, photos, description

African National Parks

African National Parks

On the black continent a huge focusthe number of reserves and protected areas, where nature is preserved in its original form. It is in the national parks of Africa, you can see the "big five" of the animal world, to observe them in their natural habitat, to admire the pristine waterfalls and mountains that are covered with snow caps, and get acquainted with the life and customs of the tribes, who were at the beginnings emergence of human civilization.

Volcanoes National Park

In Rwanda come to watch the gorillas. This park is located near the town of Musanze and its headquarters are opened in 12 km north from there to the village of Kinigi district. To get from here by bus, which from 6 am start every 30 minutes in the direction of Kinigi and for half an hour and 350 Rwandan francs deliver everyone to the meeting with the biggest and interesting primates planet.
Experienced travelers do not recommend beginnerstour to perform "solo" and recommend to join groups, traveling to one of the most beautiful national parks of Africa Musanze. Tour of the day with a driver and guide to anyone interested will cost about $ 80 US and is available in any hotel.

Tanzanian adventure

Lots of interesting national parks is located in Tanzania and is the state - one of the most visited on the continent:

  • Serengeti - a park where hundreds of livesspecies of birds and thousands of interesting animals of the African savannah. Getting here is easiest by car from the city of Arusha or in an airplane for local airlines. Main attraction of tourists in the Serengeti - safaris, ballooning, observation of flamingos at Lake Natron or familiarity with ancient petroglyphs Maasai tribes.
  • From the International Airport of Dar es Salaam toReserve on Lake Tanganyika is easy to reach via local aviation. It provides - fishing, hiking, and for fans of photography - great views of the waterfalls.
  • The unique "feature" in African national parkGreat Rift Valley - lions climb trees. And here you can enjoy the hot springs, to know the habits and watch the marabou storks, Razin.

A lot of useful information on the work of the country's parks is available on the website

helpful hints

Compliance with the rules of behavior in national parksAfrica - the main condition of their visit. Wildlife, facing the guests, not always incredibly friendly, and therefore, in order not to expose the dangers of life, it is important to:

  • Follow officially declared only routes and to use the services of guides, where needed.
  • Take special care in handling the fire.
  • Gradually acclimatise to the mountainous terrain and to climb without proper physical preparation.

Photo African national parks

  • African National Parks
  • African National Parks
  • African National Parks

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