Reserves Africa: national, nature reserves in Africa

Reserves Africa

Reserves Africa

Among other continents of the world Africa is consideredrecord for most national parks - we offer more than three hundred. Varied landscape, climate and topography allow the traveler to get acquainted with numerous representatives of wildlife in their natural habitat. And Africa's reserves - it is a unique and ancient archaeological sites, because black continent is considered the birthplace of human civilization.

At the meeting the "Big Five"

This reserve Africa five largestmammals of the planet, living on the land are more common than anywhere else. Leopards and lions too peaceful, but still side by side here with the rhinos and buffaloes and elephants down glancing at his predatory neighbors. Kruger National Park in South Africa is popular with tourists extraordinary: tours and photo safari to the habitats of the "big five" fly tourists like hotcakes.

And who do you like?

All of Africa's reserves can boast exotic wildlife, but in each of them there is a special kind of animal, which is much easier to see than anywhere else on the planet was:

  • Elephants form the most numerous population inChobe National Park in Botswana. According to observers, they are - not less than fifty thousand. See African giants of different sex and age of the easiest in the dry season, starting in April. At this time the waters begin to dry out until mid-autumn the animals gather to drink off large rivers.
  • Black rhinos - kind of rare and almost dying,but in northern Namibia and help them protect the giants survive. Etosha National Park is famous for its salt lakes and forming huge sparkling plains - business cards of Africa reserve.
  • In Tanzania, travelers go tomeetings with giraffes in Serengeti national park. These tall handsome men live in the local savannah and graceful silhouettes elegant and beautifully decorated with local landscape at sunset.

Bushmen in the Kalahari

The vast territory of the reserve in the KalahariBotswana - the habitat of dozens of species of animals and a home for the Bushmen. Nomadic African hunters kept their tradition to the present day and the excursion to the tribe of Bushmen - one of the most purchased among travelers on reserves in Africa.


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