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African Traditions

African Traditions

The black continent has always attractedthe attention of travelers. Here are concentrated the most unique traditions, unusual rituals, strange religions and beliefs, but because African traditions - a significant incentive to book flights to distant lands. This continent is inhabited by different peoples and tribes, whose representatives speak dozens of languages ​​and dialects. The Arabs and the Zulus, the Tuareg and the Bantu, the Bedouins and Murcia - Africa is diverse and heterogeneous, but some habits of its inhabitants can be found in different parts of the continent.

Sorcerers and shamans

Ministers spirits traditionally Africa - the main peoplein any tribe. They listen and chiefs and commoners, they seek advice, they come for the cure and blessing, without their knowledge, do not play a wedding and do not bury the deceased.
European civilization has brought to blackContinent and their religion, which quite successfully taken root in the new location. However, the former African shamanic traditions have not disappeared, but only assimilated by the new religious trends, and now the local culture is a strange combination, in which people of different faiths celebrate holidays together, and pray to the gods.

Dancing, masks and tattoos

All these attributes of African life nothing more than an attempt to escape from the evil spirits, and get closer to the gods positive.

  • Ritual dances on the old tradition of Africaperformed collectively and serve as a way to appease the powers of heaven before going to fight and work. With the help of the locals dance cause rain, fighting hordes of locusts, discuss hunting plans and bless the new crop.
  • Tattoos are designed to hide the body of evil spirits andIt is marked for the good gods. Men special signs in the form of scars in many tribes are the way to demonstrate the skill of the hunter or warrior. The different tribes of Africa have a tradition of applying his techniques and patterns of scars on the body and the individual theme tattoo. Whatever it was, a tattoo on the black continent - it is normal and does not indicate a criminal record of its owner.
  • Masks, skillfully carved from wood, can beexcellent souvenir from Africa or shut out all the way from the same ubiquitous evil spirits. They are made and carefully decorated, and the degree of design masks wealth depends directly on the probability of saving the life of its owner. According to local beliefs, of course.


  • African Traditions
  • African Traditions
  • African Traditions

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