Trip to Africa

Trip to Africa

Trip to Africa

A trip to Africa may well be the worst ever in your life journey, or the usual tourist trip. It all depends on what country you plan to visit.

South Africa

If the trip is in your plans for the so-called"Black Africa", the transport system is available in South Africa. The roads are in good condition, paved almost 1/3 of all existing traffic routes. But almost all the major highway toll in the country.

There are in the country and domestic air service,so to get from one city to another without problems. The main carrier of the country - the company «South African Airways». In total, the country's nine major systems of airport, taking international flights.

But public transport in the country leavesmuch to be desired. Presented herein double-decker buses and minibuses. Used exclusively poor Negro population. Caucasian residents to move cars use only.

The total length of the railway trackthe country - 26 332 km. And it is the longest and most extensive network of railways across the continent. F / railway stations is available in all major South African cities. The main purpose of the railways - freight transport. In addition, they are used for tourist purposes.


The main way to get around the country - buses and trains. But the journey by bus will cost much cheaper (this is the mode of transportation chosen by local residents).

Public transport buses, taxis, minibuses and metro (in the state capital).

Bus service between the cities is well developed. Machines are comfortable enough to have air-conditioning system.


The main means of transportation in the country are the buses. They are used for trips to the city, and for long-distance communication.

Travel would be quite comfortable, if not the desire to hammer car drivers cabin passengers to failure.


As elsewhere, in Tunisia, the main means oftransportation is the bus. In addition, this is the cheapest and fastest version of the movement throughout the country. In summer, the car go in flight at night to avoid the terrible heat of the day.

The country has a total of six international airports. Domestic flights do not enjoy the success.

Roads in the country in perfect condition, but it is not recommended to travel by rental car in the country. Observe the rules of the road in the country is not accepted!

Railway communication is developed well. Trains follow predetermined schedule.


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  • Trip to Africa

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