Currency in Albania: exchange, import, money. What is the currency in Albania?

Currency in Albania

Currency in Albania

Albania - a country of mountains, lakes, eagles soaring in the skyand ancient ruins. Many of our fellow citizens every year are sent here to rest, in search of new experiences. Before leaving on a trip, so as not to get into an uncomfortable situation, it is useful to learn about what you are waiting for the beautiful and ancient country. What currency to take to Albania, where, and how to exchange it does not overpay, this talk today.

Albanian money

What is the currency in Albania? National - lek, referred to as ALL. Like all other Albanian ruble consists of one hundred cents, they are called kindarkami. Banknotes may differ from each other in their appearance, due to the release of various types, it is quite normal.
In Albania, you may encounter unfamiliar, notconvenient for our accustomed to comfort the person, fact. Credit cards and checks, so our favorite and practical are not in demand, all calculations are performed solely for cash. Rarely where you can take advantage of a travel check. Because take it with cash.

what can

In this country there is a ban on the export and importCurrency Albania. But, as in most countries, you can freely import and to pay the money the US or the euro. The best option - the dollar, it is taken everywhere and gladly produce exchange. By the way, to carry large amounts are not needed, the prices in the country is not high, and it will be easier to exchange.

Where change

Currency exchange can be done in Albania:

  • banks
  • In exchange offices
  • In hotels
  • At airports

In fact, change money everywhere and in kiosks, and even with it, but not at a favorable rate (but no commission levies). Because exchange method selects each for themselves individually.
Remember that even in hotels and restaurants is your bank card is not required, will be cash only, but will be able to trade on the spot.

How to save

Albanians - people are sociable, friendly andgreedy. Money can be saved in Albania successfully using oratory. Here it is possible and necessary to bargain down the price sometimes it turns out twice. And you can bargain everywhere, and on special stock markets, even in hotels, you can leave the house because his modesty and shyness. Prices in the country are not high, and this fact will make the holiday in Albania affordable, enjoyable and economical.


  • Currency in Albania
  • Currency in Albania

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