Algeria Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Algeria?

The capital of Algeria

The capital of Algeria

North Africa - the most developed part of the Blackcontinent. Many of the countries located in this part of the continent, are experts in the organization of the rest, and their capital - the center of attention of travelers. The capital of Algeria, whose name coincides with the name of the republic, is one of three major African cities.

On the other hand, remains very Algiersquiet, calm, comfortable, especially if you go to the old town, walk along its narrow streets, enjoy the atmosphere of bygone times. And besides, you can relax on the shores of the Mediterranean caressing or explore the hot breath of the Sahara.

Attractions Algerian capital

Since most of the population ofAfrican state professes Islam, among the religious buildings dominate the mosque. In Algeria, many of them, the most beautiful are in the old part of the city:

  • Great Mosque (Jamaa el-Kebir) - the oldest;
  • New Mosque (Jamaa al-Jadid) - built by the Turks in the XVII century;
  • Djemaa Kechaua - Mosque of the XVIII century.

Unfortunately, familiarity with Muslimshrines available only the male half of the tourist group. But the whole company can go to one of the capital's museums. One of them, the Bardo Museum, preserves the shrines, in addition, he is located in an elegant palace of the Ottoman era.

On the other interesting artifacts can bemeet at the Historical Museum, where the exhibition will tell about the appearance of the first people on this land and the development of various industries. The Museum of folk arts and crafts, you can get acquainted with the masterpieces created by talented Algerians. In the capital and in the gallery dedicated to famous local artists.

Algerian shopping

For national goods and souvenirs,stylized under olden time, you need to go to the old town. Here, everywhere there are souvenir shops where local artisans offer actively figurines, pottery, leather, fabric and wood.

Many items mistress with pleasureused in the kitchen, for example, cutting boards, jars, rolling pins. Other products - rugs and mats can decorate any living room or bedroom, made in the ethnic style. A rare tourist will be able to withstand the jewelry made of silver with Berber motifs.


  • The capital of Algeria
  • The capital of Algeria
  • The capital of Algeria

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