Features of Algeria - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of Algeria

Features of Algeria

So far, this country can not on an equal footingcompete with neighboring Morocco or Egypt, in the number of tourists coming to rest. This is due to a number of objective reasons, such as national characteristics Algeria.

In ethnic terms, the majority of people in the country -Arabs, 16% - the Berbers, less than 1% - other. The dominant religion - Muslim, which affects the relative closeness of the country, and a cautious attitude towards tourists. That, in turn, should also be aware of the peculiarities of the host in Algeria and the local rules of conduct.

In the best tradition

Any tourist who arrives in Algeria, saidzealous attitude of local people to the traditions and ancient rituals. Many Algerians are still in fear are cameras, prohibit to shoot himself and his wife.

Women, in general, it is forbidden to photograph,villagers also asked not to shoot on film (or number) animals, because they believe that it can become a cause of disease and harm the state of mind.

Algerian Ramadan

As the dominant religion is Islam, everything is subordinated to the Koran and its laws. The main holiday of the locals - Ramadan, which lasts for a month, which is considered sacred.

Algerians are carefully prepared for him, observefast. Eat only late in the evening, and on the table are present in a large number of sweets, that help maintain health and strength while fasting.

The influence of Islam

The Muslim religion in Algeria is reflected inall sections of the secular and the spiritual life. Many architectural sites, monuments of Algerian history and culture, carried out according to the requirements of Islam. Many of them are protected by the government and included in the list of monuments protected by UNESCO.

The most famous attractions - the city of Tipaza, situated at the shores of the Mediterranean, and old graying Timgad with remaining terms, an amphitheater and the Arc de Triomphe.

Ancient cemetery - part of Algerian culture

For the citizens of Algeria cemetery - the resting placethe dead, and for tourists - it is rather a point of interest, a certain exoticism. They note the original architectural solution of certain sites, the lack of names and dates of life left in the world other.

Lack of information - one of the nationfeatures of local residents. But some graves can be seen fragments of clay pots - a tribute to tradition. According to her baby at birth presented a beautiful pot of clay. After a person's death and break the pot, as it were buried next to the host.


  • Features of Algeria
  • Features of Algeria
  • Features of Algeria

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