Algeria Resorts: photos, description

Algeria Resorts

Algeria Resorts

Among other participants of the Maghreb countries, Algeria - notthe most popular tourist destination. Beaches and attractions tourists prefer to develop in Tunisia and Morocco, Algeria undeservedly ignored resorts and leaving them "for later". However, the resorts in the conventional sense of the word in the country a bit. They come here for the adventure of a different kind, for which the northern Sahara is particularly generous for those who are not accustomed to give in to difficulties.

"For" or "Against"?

Choosing Algeria resorts as a holiday destination, it is important to weigh all the features of the upcoming holiday:

  • Plane direct flight from Moscow to the capital of AlgeriaIt is in the sky, just five hours, but the schedule of the Moscow airports such flights are not too frequent. You can get to and from the dock in Europe - it will last longer in time, but you can choose any convenient day.
  • Planning a vacation in the resorts of Algeria better in the spring or fall, not to fall into the power of the rainy season or the desert heat.
  • It is necessary to pay special attention to their ownSafety on the streets of Algerian cities, and on trips to the desert. In the first case it is necessary to be afraid of pickpockets, and the second - the dust storms and off-road. The best way to travel around the country - a hired car with driver and guide.

Mediterranean in Africa

The north coast of Algeria by the Mediterraneansea ​​and sunbathing and swimming because it would have been perfect here, if not for one "but." Local authorities are not too keen to develop resorts in Algeria, and now relax on the Mediterranean beaches you can only Cape Sidi Frege and Turquoise Coast. Despite a fair share of exotic romance, and even in the titles, spend a comfortable time is very difficult. Facilities at the resorts is almost completely absent, little hotels and they are clearly not up to the standards of conventional resort and coastline itself and is not equipped.

Tales of Scheherazade

Tourists prefer to Algeria is not a beach, andsightseeing, and are absolutely right - there is plenty to look at and admire! The ancient mosques and forts, medieval castles and ancient intricate streets, bazaars and splendid views of the sea, with open lookouts white Algerian cities - is only a small part of what is ready to please their guests and wise gray Algeria.


  • Algeria Resorts
  • Algeria Resorts

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