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Algeria Traditions

Algeria Traditions

Four-fifths of the territory of that StateIt takes Sahara, Algeria and traditions are largely due to Her Majesty the desert. Nomads and pastoralists, indigenous people customs and Berber blood mingled with the Arab conquerors, came to the wonderful people who gave the world famous fashion designers and singers, artists and players. Once being in white capital of Algeria on the shore of the blue Mediterranean Sea, the traveler forever understands that harmony exists in nature.

At the crossroads of the worlds

Algeria, not only has the largest areaamong African countries. This state is located on the busiest crossroads where converge the way from Africa to Europe, from the east - west from the Mediterranean - in the hot scorching heat of the Sahara. Here merge Islam and Christianity, the future and the past, civilized and savage.
One of the traditions of Algeria - the preservation of the languageBerbers. The indigenous population of the country today is represented by the Tuareg tribes inhabiting the southern part of the state. These nomads profess Islam, but some of their customs came from pre-Islamic times. Women have a special honor from the Tuareg. They usually get an education, but the representatives of the stronger sex can remain illiterate throughout life. The Tuareg are the origin and inheritance through the maternal line, which is extremely rare in the modern world.

Gentlemen of Fortune

Once in this state, and most lived piratesfamous of them, named Barbarossa, even the rules of Algeria. Modern Algerians are not bloodthirsty, but on the contrary, differ peaceful disposition and special hospitality. At the meeting they kiss and shake hands, that is a sign of respect and trust. Once in Algeria, should comply with certain rules of behavior, which for indigenous people have long been familiar and commonplace:

  • Alcohol on the Algerian tradition sold only in special stores.
  • The local hotel may require confirmation of the marriage of couples trying to stay in one room.
  • Were among those invited to the birthday of an Algerian, do not rush to buy a gift. Algeria Traditions require guests to pay chipped the banquet on the occasion of the celebration.
  • Open to smoke on the streets women are not in Algeria but in the car or the restaurant is quite acceptable.
  • Do not try to bribe the police in case of violation of traffic rules. Donation made will not be, and the probability of punishment will increase by several times.


  • Algeria Traditions
  • Algeria Traditions
  • Algeria Traditions

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