Visit to Algeria

Visit to Algeria

Visit to Algeria

A trip to Algeria will give you the opportunity at itsskin feel sultry breath of the hottest places on the planet - the Sahara desert. After all, virtually the entire territory of this vibrant state it is located on its sands. In fact, Algerians live in a beautiful oasis and near riverbeds periodically drying up rivers.

Public transport

The main way to get around the country - buses and trains. But the cheapest travel option, of course, a bus. The length of roads is more than 100 thousand kilometers.

In the nation's capital has a subway, whichIt opened in 2010. It links the city center with one of the suburbs - the area Bourouba. The total length of 9.5 kilometers of branches. It consists of 9 stops. Besides Algeria Metro is only in Cairo.

In addition to the bus through the streets of cities can move around by taxi and minibus.

Intercity communication is made by fairly comfortable, equipped with air-conditioned buses. Bus station is almost in all major cities of the country.

Railway transport

Railway communication is only in the northern part of Algeria. Trains ply only between major cities. The total length of tracks about 5 thousand kilometers.

Total roads Algeria go eight compositions:

  • 4 trains run between the capital and the city of Oran;
  • 2 trains ply the route Algeria - Annaba - Constantine;
  • one train goes from Algeria - Chlef;
  • one composition serves the route Oran - Tlemcen.

Claimed schedule is observed, and the trains themselves are pretty fast. Overall, the trip takes place in a comfortable environment.


Internal message is developed quite well. Flights within the country served 32 airports. It is noteworthy that the tickets sold for the inhabitants of the country at one price, but for tourists airfare greatly overstated.

Get on a plane to Algeria capital can be from almost every major city. There are also flights connecting the city without landing in airport-complex capital.

The country's national carrier is the company "Air Algeria." Aircraft companies make daily flights to 28 countries. In addition to domestic flights of planes and helicopters are serviced well.

Water transport

Since the country has access to the Mediterranean coast, the big role of maritime communications. Major port cities of the country: Algeria; Mostaganem; Skigda; Bejaia; Oran.

In Algeria, there is a ferry service that connects the city located on the coast, with Spain and France.


  • Visit to Algeria
  • Visit to Algeria
  • Visit to Algeria

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