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South America Cruises

South America Cruises

A great way to swim in two oceans,touch to the rich nature of the distant continent, and be bright and colorful summer in the middle of a gray and slushy autumn or cold winter - buy a ticket for a cruise to South America. Get introduced to the diverse culture of the peoples that inhabit Ecuador and Chile, to learn to dance the samba at the carnival in Rio, to penetrate the secrets of the ancient Maya in Guatemalan cities and taste all the wines of Argentina - it is just a small part of the opportunities offered by a sea cruise for the inquisitive traveler.

Panama and the Canal

Home to the famous hat from the sun, which will beindispensable in cruises to South America, it is not Panama, and the small town of Bekal in Yucatan in Mexico. Its inhabitants today are busy this simple craft, and the hallmark of Bekalya is a large stone hat on one of the central streets.
Glorified hats woven from palm leaves during the construction of the Panama Canal. There they were happy workers and engineers, but because hats were named Panama.
In fact, many cruises in America - the South ornorth - start at Mexican shores and tested on the famous buildings that made the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific are much closer. The channel was built in the early twentieth century, but until now the project is considered one of the toughest in history. More than 80 kilometers of the Panama Canal, the three gateway system and picturesque beaches make the journey fun and interesting.

In the rhythm of dance

South America - a continent where most livecheerful people on the planet Earth. Only here you can see the real performance of the tango, which is home to Argentina. For those who like it hot, there is a Brazilian carnival, where passions boil for a few days. For days are colorful columns on sambadromo in Rio de Janeiro, where guests and participants receive an unforgettable experience.
Cruises to South America and includefamiliarity with the rich nature of the continent. Passing off the coast of Chile and Argentina, travelers can watch the dance of the southern right whales that live here and allow pleasure craft to come quite close to the feeding places.
For fans of the study of the historical andcultural heritage of each city in any of the routes of cruises to South America - as a luxurious colorful album, which collected unique illustrations of cathedrals and plazas, palaces and monuments, art galleries and museums.

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  • South America Cruises
  • South America Cruises

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