Features of South America - communication, kitchen, tradition

Features of the Americas

Features of the Americas

South America - a continent unexplored and alluring. Here are the stunning exotic countries, whose names and talk about fun, great beaches, carefree life and the mass of amazing experiences. What are the national characteristics of the Americas need to know before you go on a trip?

Interesting Facts

  • The largest country in South America - Brazil.
  • It is the highest waterfall in the world - Angel Falls in Venezuela.
  • The largest river in the world - the Amazon - takes place in South America.
  • The most popular languages ​​- Spanish and Portuguese.

National features

Many aspire to at any cost to get to thatBrazil for Carnival. You should know that the Brazilians are very sociable and friendly, and are not worth too much to pay attention to their appearance. Climate and traditions have meant that most of the local, including the elderly and children, go to the beach quite frank clothes.

In an interview with Argentina's main themes will befootball and politics. They are also a bit frivolous and can easily be late for an appointment or forget his promise. What Not to Say in Colombia, it's on drugs or the war, the local theme unpleasant. In addition, the country still has a system of hierarchy and social status. In Peru, you should be ready to pay for the photos of the local population, as is thriving theft.

National dishes

In Brazil, a lot of eat meatproducts, without them can not do almost no one dish. Also, a lot of seafood, fried them, boiled, salted and even dried. Garnish often be black beans or rice. We should also remember the beer, coffee and Caipirinha - vodka from cane sugar. In Chile and eat fish and meat, using them for cooking cazuela, empanadas and chimes. Traditionally popular dish - Umit. Alcoholic drink - pisco.

In Argentina, it is impossible not to try anydish cooked on the grill. In this way, there is prepared almost everything. Very much in the Argentine kitchen vegetables, which are usually supplied in the form of salads. Argentines love gazpacho and so called cold soup of pureed tomatoes and cucumbers. Of the meat in this country are most consumed beef, it is prepared as grilled or stewed. Many quite ordinary and European dishes - pancakes, pies and others. Soft drink - tea mate of alcohol are the traditional wine.


  • Features of the Americas
  • Features of the Americas
  • Features of the Americas

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