The best resorts of Andorra. The best resorts of Andorra for recreation

The best resorts in Andorra

The best resorts in Andorra

Andorra welcomes annually manyTravelers who prefer the hot sand beaches and snow spray frost. The best resorts in Andorra offer a variety of ski slopes and hot springs. In addition, here is just great conditions for shopping: the whole country belongs to the free trade zone.


This is not just a ski resort. Valley combines several resorts. Trails Grandvalira will be interesting for professionals and downhill skiing, and newcomers to the sport. There are areas where you can try your hand at cross-country skiing. Thrill also remained obledeny - area for freestyle Halpy-pipe and boarder cross area to await their visitors.


It is the largest thermal center in Europe,Located in the mountains was discovered relatively recently, in 1994. The design of this unique in its functionality cent owned by Frenchman Jean-Michel Ruolsu. That he belongs to the idea of ​​using thermal wealth different from the usual form of institutions. The updated concept, unusual design, as well as the variety of entertainment, coupled with excellent water quality did Caldea best center in the whole Iberian Peninsula.

Visitor are available personalservices, it is also possible to purchase a ticket that allows you to be in the center for 5 hours. Its price includes a welcome drink and facilities for swimming and free access to all entertainment events center.
It features two thermal center of the lagoon: located inside and outside. Both pools are filled with thermal water at a temperature of about 33. Here are the hot tub, guests carry out various procedures.

In addition, visitors are encouraged to visitIndo-Roman baths, where the water temperature is slightly higher (36), as well as swimming pools with cool water, only 14 +. Classical Icelandic bathing and aquamassage zone, and many other procedures.

La Massana

The resort is located near the country's capital. But La Massana is no so-called own zone. From the resort you can get to the next area of ​​Pal-Arinsal using the lift. Before the area can also be reached by ski-bass (about 15 minutes).
The proximity of the capital, which can be reached in just a 10 minutes, allowing more variety of local entertainment.
While vacationing in La Massana, be sure to visit the museum of comics. It often hosts exhibitions of famous artists.
In La Massana often hosts various holidays and festivals.

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