Prices in Andorra - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Andorra

Prices in Andorra

Prices in Andorra

Prices in Andorra is not very high: a bottle of water costs 0.7 euros, lunch in a cheap cafe - 15 euros for 1 person, ski-pass for 1 person - 35-40 euro / 1 day.

Shopping and souvenirs

In Andorra, you will find a wide range of goodsvery attractive prices. As local products are not duty-free, even popular branded items you can buy with discounts of 20-30% -th. For the most favorable shopping in Andorra it is advisable to go during the sales: mid January - mid-February.

The main shopping center of the country isAndorra la Vella: in the capital, you will be able to acquire sporting goods stores Intersport, Olymia, Viladomat, electronics - Milord in stores, Audio Limit, Digital Centre, and jewelry and watches - in store Pons & Bartumeu. In the capital, is worth a visit and large shopping centers - Andorra 2000 and Pyrenees.

What to bring to the memory of the holiday in Andorra?

  • watches, electronics, optics brands,gold and silver jewelery, perfumes, cosmetics, Spanish and French production, designer clothes, the Spanish fans (they cost 2-500 euro), leather goods (wallets, purses, handbags, belts), gift sword, lace handmade (Wraps , shawls, scarves), an original dish of colored glass, cigars and tobacco;
  • cheese, chocolate, sausages, wine.

In Andorra, you can buy cigars from 5 euros, sports equipment and clothing - from 10 euros, cosmetics and perfumes - from 3 euros, dolls in traditional costumes - from 2.5 euros, wine - 12-15 euros.

Excursions and Entertainment

On a tour of the Principality of Andorra, youvisit in Andorra la Vella, where you can see the Casa de las Valles (seat of government), the temple of the Holy Virgin Meritchel, Church of Santa Coloma. In Ordino you will be taken to the Castle Museum Areny-Plandolit - here you will learn about the life of a typical bourgeois family of the 19th century. In Canillo you will be offered a choice to visit the Ice Sport Palace, Museum of tobacco, perfumes or cars. But at the end of the excursion program you will find a mountain thermal center SPA Caldea. This tour is about 75 euros.

Always worth a visit Naturlandia - park,You can go to the rink (artificial ice), the attraction "Tobotronc", archery, play peytbol. In addition, at your service - mini-electric cars, trampolines and play areas for children. The approximate cost of entertainment - € 60 (full day stay in the park).


Public transport in the country is representedbuses and cable cars. Prices depend on the distance travel, so for 1 ticket you will pay 1.5-5.5 euros. Using the services of a taxi, landing you pay 1 Euro + 1.1 Euro / 1 km.

In Andorra, you can rent a car: This service will cost you 80-100 euros / day (this service is recommended to use only very experienced drivers as dangerous and complicated track sections with sharp turns are found in the country).

On average, on holiday in Andorra you will need 60-70 euros per day for 1 person.

Activities in Andorra


  • Prices in Andorra
  • Prices in Andorra
  • Prices in Andorra

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