Rent a car in Andorra. Car Hire in Andorra - prices

Rent a Car in Andorra

Rent a Car in Andorra

Travel while in dwarfState - Andorra is very convenient by car. To do this, it can be rented. This is largely save you from unnecessary waiting taxi. And there are a number of options: As can be reached only through airports in neighboring countries Andorra, it is best to enter through Spain, with it on its territory to hire a car, as the territory of Andorra itself is more expensive. In Spain, you can take advantage of rental services at airports, or to find some car rental company, in which the right to negotiate, you will travel through Andorra.

Features rental in Andorra

Car Rental conditions similar to those thatestablished in many European countries. It offers a wide range of car models, respectively, and the price range is too high. Making the car, at the same time and ask whether the insurance and taxes included in the rental price. At the same time pay attention to the types of insurance: if all you want? Also you can ask for bail in the order of 100 euros. Of course, hard-earned money back to you at the car delivery.

Rent a Car in Andorra is possible if you have21 years old (rental of certain categories of vehicles permitted to persons who are at least 25 years). Requirements to the driving experience - at least 1 year. Sometimes people younger than 25 years are asked to pay extra. It is 10 euros per day.

For pre-booking car also usually an extra charge.

When you have to be a bank card, it does not matter - a credit or debit. A minimum amount should be no less than 495 euros.

It is necessary to make sure that the rental cost of the machine have been incorporated:

  • VAT (15%) and other taxes;
  • Unlimited mileage;
  • Insurance to cover the costs for its machine damage due to an accident.

But fuel costs are usually not included in the rental price. Note that if you have given the car with a full tank, and then return it must also fully seasoned.

It should be remembered that petrol stations in Andorra, located on the major highways and in large settlements. Hours refills generally from 8.00 to 20.00, convenience still have to search.

A feature of the country is a small number ofparking, so if you already have a car, you should live in the hotel, which has its own garage or car park. And here on the sidewalk, with no markup at the parking lot, park the car is not necessary, since the penalty is high enough.

Leaving from Andorra, you can get to the rental car at the airport. There is parking near the mill firms have all terminals. Leave the car there, and the employees of the company will return it to the garage.

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  • Rent a Car in Andorra

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