Rest in Andorra in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Andorra in November

Rest in Andorra in November

Rest in Andorra in November

It is not always considered to be the best month of November for overseas trips and vacations. However, holidays in Andorra chosen by thousands of tourists every year in November.

Weather in Andorra in November

Weather in the country at this time really fall. The average day temperature 8 degrees Celsius, it drops to one night. However, climate compensates for the lack of heat. Pyrenees surrounding countries, which contribute to keeping the country a soft and pleasant climate. Almost all day sunny weather. Rainfall less than 100 mm.

Lovers of quiet family holiday

It is best to come to the country in November for a family vacation. Tourists at this time a little, the weather does not bring major surprises. There are about 20 museums.

Ladies can indulge in local shoppingshops and boutiques. Prices of goods, even the most famous and expensive brands in November is simply fabulous. Their cost may be lower than 25, and even on all 60% of the price of similar products in France and other cities. Some tourists Andorra is called the capital of European shopping. Especially lucky can catch the seasonal sales. Tour to Andorra can be combined with a visit to her neighboring countries - France and Spain.

The country annually attracts manyskiing. However, in November, the ski season is still closed, but book a place at the hotel, you can advance. Spending time in sports can be a game of tennis, basketball and volleyball. You can rent skiing. All the well-equipped playground. Hiking along the mountain valley will lead to the amazing beauty of the place, where there are several mountain lakes.

Gourmet Paradise

Once in Andorra, is sure to be enjoyedgourmet Catalan cuisine. Portions of all catering establishments are large, and the prices are very low. It is worth mentioning the amazing seafood, which is traditionally served sweet and sour sauce.

Activities in Andorra

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