Rest in Andorra in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Andorra in October

Rest in Andorra in October

Rest in Andorra in October

In Andorra, in October, the day can be about + 12C. In addition, the days are often characterized by sunny weather. Without a doubt, these conditions are ideal for long walks. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the night becomes cold to + 2 ... 7C, depending on the region.

The duration of daylight is nine hours. In October, can be 2 - 3 rainy days. Thus, in the month may fall about 30 - 40 mm of rain.

Holidays and festivals in Andorra in October

Rest in Andorra in October - this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural and leisure activities, visit the interesting festivals. What actions deserve the most attention?

  • In 2014, in Andorra in October for the first timeheld a beer festival, which can be called an analogue of "Oktoberfest". Tradition was the holding beer festival every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 20.00 until midnight. It is in these days, you can enjoy fresh beer and traditional German. Besides beer festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy socializing with my friends.
  • At the end of October in Andorra la Vella heldFair, which was first held 30 years ago. At the fair you can buy goods for tourism and sports, leisure and health. If you aspire to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, the event will cause real interest. The total area of ​​the exhibition sections is 12 thousand square meters, so you are sure to enjoy shopping and useful to spend your time!
  • From October 31 to November 1, Andorra traditionalIt held the feast - day of chestnut. You can taste roasted chestnuts and baked potatoes, try the national drink. Pastime will be interesting due to rich cultural program.

Take a chance to visit Andorra in October and have fun! Guided Tour will be remembered best side thanks to favorable weather conditions and the different activities.

Activities in Andorra

Photos holiday in Andorra

  • Rest in Andorra in October
  • Rest in Andorra in October

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