Where better to relax in Andorra. Where to go in Andorra?

Where to rest in Andorra

Where to rest in Andorra

Andorra - a small country situated betweenFrance and Spain. It is very popular among tourists as well as vacation and accommodation prices are quite affordable. In Andorra, always sunny weather, the sun shines almost all year round. Arriving in the country, many are asking: "Where is the best holiday in Andorra?". Let's face it.


Eco-tourism is becoming morepopular. Fans of this type of holiday is to visit the valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror, located in the south of the country. Valley is stunningly beautiful. It has many cultural and historical monuments. In the valley, which is quite surprising, so far there is no road.

No less interesting place considered "witches"land in the marshes. This park, which has such an unusual name, is located in the north of the country. Guests of this place an excellent opportunity to admire the untouched by human hand meadows, plains and forests.


Where better to relax in Andorra sporting activities? Of course, the ski resort of Grand Valira or Vallnord.

Grand Valira - one of the most moderncomplexes. It features 110 trails, for convenience divided into zones. At the disposal of tourists a great staff of experienced instructors who speak different languages, including Russian.

It is at Vallnord are such well-knownslopes as Pal and Arinsal are located from each other at a distance of 7 km. The resort will meet you the newest and most advanced equipment. Here is the largest park for freestyle lessons and skiing school, where you work out the best specialists.


For those who prefer to rest, combiningsunbathing with a variety of spa treatments, no doubt, to visit Caldea - center with thermal waters. He captivates with its beauty at first sight. Above the mirror building served French architect - Jean-Michel Ruols. The complex is built from the source of hot water (temperature of which about 70 degrees C), which is enriched sodium and sulfur. Therefore, it feels a little oily. Baths with this water have healing properties soothe, relax, heal small wounds, struggling with allergies and acute respiratory disease. Caldea has a well-developed tourist infrastructure: bars, restaurants, gift shops and bathing accessories, beauty salons. For the convenience of round the clock parking.

Sightseeing holidays

Although the territory of the country and a small, but sheretained many attractions. Start better with Andorra la Vella - the most mountainous of the European capitals. The city is situated in a narrow gorge, and the main attraction is the House of the Dales.

In the small town of Canillo is located Icepalace. This is a huge indoor ice rink, which can accommodate about 1,500 people, with good lighting and music. In the evenings there are discos on ice. The complex also includes a swimming pool, beauty salon, bar, restaurant, video arcade.

In Andorra, there is a national museum of cars,where you can see many rare vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The museum is located in the town of Encamp. You can also visit the oldest church Iglesia San Roma de les Bons (XII century) and the Church of Santa Coloma. As well as the Plaza del Poble, where all the cultural events of the country.

The town of Ordino is a museum and family d'Areni Plandolit - this is the most influential people of Andorra. It is necessary to look into the Museum of icons, miniatures and tobacco.

In Andorra there is any kind of rest, and you will not be disappointed by this country for their holidays.

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