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Tours in Buenos Aires

Tours in Buenos Aires

At the mere mention of the Argentine capital in the headHe has dedicated a tango begins to play, because it is here that was coined by a passionate dance, still executed in the streets in love with him and each other beautiful people. And tours in Buenos Aires - an acquaintance with one of the most amazing cities in South America, where past and present are so closely intertwined that it does not matter that for what to build and where to start. Straight as an arrow shady avenues and parks, colonial style old Spanish quarters and urban studies of modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels and poverty poor peasant hovels like birds' nests clinging to each other ... City-tale and dream city, Buenos Aires, and is worth hours of flight and not cheap tickets, because such a bright picture does not give a photo album traveler no other city in the world.

History and geography

In Buenos Aires there are two stories mostimportant dates, and both of them - the date of birth. First he founded it in 1536 but Pedro Mendoza, a Spanish conquistador, who led several expeditions to South America. The Indians burned the new settlement, not wanting to take the strangers in their own land. At the end of the XVI century, the city rebuilt and since then its history is full of events, as the heart of the Argentine beauty - love.
The city is situated on the left bank of the Riachuelo riverocean bay of the Gulf of La Plata. Its population is close to three million people, and together with its suburbs has long reached fourteen million. Argentines - friendly people, but in such cities the main rule of the tourist - a careful observance of rules of personal safety. These include the watchful eye on things, and is highly undesirable visits poor neighborhoods in the dark.

Briefly about the importance

  • Participants of tours in Buenos Aires waiting wetsubtropics and the southern hemisphere, and therefore climatic features should be considered very carefully. Summer begins here in December and the air temperature in January and February reached during the daytime and 35 above. In summer and fall the greatest amount of precipitation. The best time to travel to Buenos Aires - June and July, when the rains are much less common, and the thermometer did not rise above 20.
  • The international airport in the capital of ArgentinaIt receives flights from many of the capitals of the Old World. Direct flights from Moscow not, docked in Europe for such long flights more advantage than disadvantage.


  • Tours in Buenos Aires
  • Tours in Buenos Aires

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