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Education in Argentina

Education in Argentina

Argentina - a country where you can come not only to rest, but also to master the Spanish language, and get an education. What advantages does education in Argentina?

  • Free training (this includes admission to state universities);
  • The ability to master the prestigious profession (law, medicine, humanities).

Higher education in Argentina

To enroll in the Argentine university, foreigneryou need to pass the exam on basic general course (to pass the exam it is advisable to enter the preliminary year courses), and all because the Russian certificates valid in Argentina.

To enroll in a private university in Argentina havepass additional examinations depending on the chosen faculty (such universities have their own websites, so by going to them, you can find all necessary information easily).

Important: The academic year in Argentina's education begins in March and ends in December.

You do not have to fly to Argentina to study here 4-5 years: here you can come for 1 semester or 1-2 years to buy an unforgettable experience and learn Spanish at the top working level.

Higher education is available at three levelsStudy: after graduating from the first level (1-3 years), can be, for example, a teacher or technician. After the end of the second level, you can become a doctor or a lawyer (4-6 years of study duration), and the third level involves graduate school and receive a diploma at the end of training Master's and Ph.D. (1-2 + years).

Those who wish to study in large, prestigiousUniversities should go to the National Institute of Buenos Aires, the National University of Cordoba and universities opened in cities like Tucuman, Rosario and Santa Fe.

Language classes

Learn Spanish in Argentina 10 timeseffectively than in European language schools (tuition is much cheaper and the quality is at the top). If desired, the study of the Spanish language can be combined, for example, with dancing (tango lessons).

Choosing one or another language course, you canopt for the standard (20 lessons per week), intensive (30 lessons per week) courses Business Spanish (students will gain the knowledge they will need to work in the business sector) or courses for lawyers (the acquired knowledge will be needed in the legal field). And you can enroll in courses that combine learning the language + internship or volunteer work.

Educated in Argentina, you canget a residence permit to live in an interesting country to receive training experience in a foreign university and get a job of their dreams (it all depends on your goals).

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  • Education in Argentina
  • Education in Argentina
  • Education in Argentina
  • Education in Argentina
  • Education in Argentina

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