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Features Argentina

Features Argentina

Argentina - a country that is famous for its mixing of ethnic groups, cultures, but it is one of the most "westernized" countries in South America. What are the national characteristics of Argentina?

Features stories and their influence on local culture

In Argentina, there are many immigrants from Germany,Slavic countries and the British Isles, and the Indians practically do not. Only in the extreme north and south Indians live, creating isolated groups. Ethnic groups at the same time almost no influence on the country, but at the same time have a significant impact on the local culture. Undoubtedly, Argentina is a special country.

At the beginning of the XXI century the state overflowedeconomic crises, causing many citizens feel social tensions. In a society begins to appear noticeable differentiation, which gradually leads to panic. The number of beggars is gradually increasing, albeit primarily in Argentina appeared "Villas", which are illegal settlements, recognized disaster. Despite the crisis, Argentines tend to remain as they were, to preserve their own traditions, existing long.

Features temperament Argentines

  • Locals typical "Latin" temperament, which manifests itself in men and women.
  • Argentines tend to exercise careto each other, to immigrants and tourists. Increased attention contributes to a sense of security and understand that you can ask for help if necessary.
  • Almost every person is different politeness, it is a tradition. Courtesy is not a facade, and is a natural behavior.
  • Argentines different thin-skinned, but they can not beconsidered vindictive. You can make it up with ease. However, do not go too far, because the Argentines are proud of themselves and their country, so the offense on this basis is able to be strong.
  • Unfamiliar people should shake hands, and good friends - a kiss on the cheek. Be discreet, and you will be sure to set a good relationship with new friends.
  • Argentines are interested in politics and football, so it is desirable to be able to support these two topics in conversation.

Common languages ​​in Argentina

Most of the residents only speak Spanishlanguage. In addition, people are accustomed to the use of jargon, slang. English language is understood only employees of hotels and large shopping centers, but they can try to go into their native language.


  • Features Argentina
  • Features Argentina
  • Features Argentina

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