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The traditional cuisine of Argentina

The traditional cuisine of Argentina

Power in Argentina is characterized by the fact that the quality of food products in the country is at a high level.

Food in Argentina

On the Argentine cuisine influenced by Spanish,Italian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Mexican and Chilean gastronomic tradition. The diet contains meat Argentine food (especially favored by Argentine beef), vegetables, fish, legumes, dairy products.

In Argentina should taste the blood sausage(Morcilla); pork sausage (chorizo); tripe sausage (chinchulines); sauce based on vinegar, herbs and garlic (chimichurri); pastry stuffed with meat, corn, and cheese (empanadas); meat, stuffed mutton tripe and roasted over charcoal ( "karneasado"); Argentine stew of meat, vegetables and beans ( "Poucher"); vegetable pie ( "tartas"); ribs, roasted on an open fire ( "beef de lomo").

A sweet tooth can enjoy sandbiscuits, fresh and candied fruit, rice pudding, ice cream, roasted nuts in sugar, fruit pies, chocolate cake, creamy candy ( "sunk en almibar").

Where to eat in Argentina? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy Argentinean dishes and a variety of Asian cuisines;
  • Italian restaurants (here you can order pasta and pizza);
  • parrillas (you can taste grilled meat and other delicious dishes in the grill of bars).

Drinks in Argentina

Argentines are popular drinks mat(Herbal soft drink), tea, coffee, beer, wine, Fernet (40-degree tincture of herbs). Beer lovers should try the local (Schneider, Quilmes, Isenbeck), and imported varieties (Heineken, Corona, Warsteiner). Since Argentina is famous for its wine-making province of Mendoza, here you will be able to taste the "SanFelipe", "Lopez", "NietoSenetiner", "NovarroCorreas", "Weinert".

Gastronomic tour in Argentina

If you visit the one-day gastronomictour in Argentina, you will be able to enjoy the Argentinean national dishes and practice the skill of cooking. His "delicious" tour you will start with a tour of a small bakery - local bakers while you prepare the bread Argentinian chimichurri (it contains olive oil, garlic, onions, and seasonings). A complete your gastronomic tour after visiting the home of one of the famous Argentinean chefs, which will open to you the secret of the secret recipe sauce for meat.

In Argentina, you can go fishing orhorse ride, have fun in the bars and clubs, to take a walk to the reserved areas of the country, go rafting or kayaking, as well as local cuisine.

Photos national dishes of Argentina

  • The traditional cuisine of Argentina
  • The traditional cuisine of Argentina
  • The traditional cuisine of Argentina

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