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Railways Argentina

Railways Argentina

Railways Argentina are experiencing a decline. Previously, they were of great importance for economic development. Thanks to the railway system, the country could become one of the largest exporters of products (beef, wheat, etc.). In past years, the railways were built and owned by the British organization, which received a concession from the Argentine government. Currently, w / d sphere needs modernization. Many paths have become worthless, and trains are always late. Some trends are no longer used.

Development w / d sphere

Railways fell into disrepair after theprivatization. After that, the quality of service in the system is much worse, and some trains were canceled. Different parts of roads have given to various companies for long periods. Despite the poor technical condition of trains, passenger traffic and is popular there. Railways an important place in the transport system of the state. Relevant information about the routes you can take sateliteferroviario.com.ar site.

Railways have a length of Argentinaabout 34 thousand km. They are unevenly distributed across the national territory. rail system Less - raznokoleynye way. Among Latin American countries, Argentina is ranked 1st in terms of passenger traffic. Cargo turnover here is not as intense as in Mexico and Brazil.

Transportation of goods - is the mainpurpose rail roads of Argentina. Passenger trains are moving slowly and are comfortable. As the country move long-distance trains on the routes:. Buenos Aires - Cordoba, Buenos Aires - Bahia Blanca and other railway network is the Centre of Buenos Aires. Plains occupy a large part of the country. Thus there developed motorway network. Highways stretch for 400 thousand kilometers.

Passenger Transportation

The dense and extensive transportation networkIt entangles the most developed region of Pampa. Argentine trains have three classes for passengers cars, air-conditioned, first class place to sleep, and the second class. Tariffs railway available that determines the high demand for services w / d transportation. The train ride is several times cheaper than on the bus on the same route. The cheapest car Turista class is considered, which is in all passenger trains. It is equipped with soft seats, but resembles a suburban train. The next class is considered Primera, which is slightly higher level of comfort.


  • Railways Argentina
  • Railways Argentina

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