Trip to Argentina

Trip to Argentina

Trip to Argentina

The trip to Argentina will give you a greatbeach holiday and the beauty of mountain peaks. Besides amazing natural beauty, the country is no less interesting in terms of "ekskursionki", as in Argentina, numerous buildings in the colonial style.

Public transport

"Underground" is the only in Buenos Aires, the capital ofcountries. By the way, The local metro was built in Latin America, one of the earliest. Subway cars does not differ from their European counterparts: the same tight. Stations absolutely the same type, but in good condition.

It is much easier to move around the city onbuses that go very fast. Bus stop doing exclusively on demand or when the driver sees that there are people at the bus stop. Trolleys can be found only in one of the cities - Rosario.


This is the most demanded type of publictransport. Taxis used to travel through the streets and cities, and as a vehicle to travel between them. Main machines difference - the presence of yellow roof.

Taxi particularly actively used by localresidents, since it is very convenient. All taxis are metered, and fares are quite affordable. In addition, congestion in cities across the country practically does not happen, so get to the desired point can be very fast.


The length of railways - 34 thousandkilometers. The road condition is poor. Moreover, according to the country railway tracks are unevenly distributed. Complicated paths are also raznokoleynostyu. Therefore, the train in the country are mainly used for transportation.

Very small proportion accounted for by passenger traffic. Trains are in satisfactory condition, but high speeds and increased comfort should not expect while traveling.

Air traffic

Since the distance between the main resort regions of the country are quite significant, the main way to get around the country - air travel. The main carrier of the country - Aerolineas Argentinas.

Total Argentina 1300 airports, but the main air unit (Ezeiza International Airport) is located in the capital. Besides him in Buenos Aires nine of airport complexes less.

Water transport

Total Argentina 7 big ports and about 30 smaller ones. Sam Buenos Aires - the largest port in Latin America, through which about 80% of all marine traffic.

Shipping are two rivers: the Paraná and Uruguay. The total length of navigable waterways - 3000 kilometers.


  • Trip to Argentina
  • Trip to Argentina
  • Trip to Argentina

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