Which sea to Armenia? Sea in Armenia: photos, map

Sea Armenia

Sea Armenia

When asked tourists what the sea washes Armeniageographical maps give only correct answer: this Caucasian republic has no outlet to the sea. The territory of Armenia can only boast of Lake Sevan, which the locals love and worship, but because it means life Armenians, no less than if it were sold.

National treasure

Lake Sevan is the largest in the Caucasus, and it is - one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world:

  • Sevan is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.
  • The area of ​​its mirror is more than 1200 square meters. km, which allows the Armenians proud to dignify him with his search.
  • The maximum depth of the mark recorded in the 80-meter level.
  • In freshwater Sea of ​​Armenia 28 rivers flow, feeding Sevan and maintaining the level of its waters. It flows out of the lake, only the river Hrazdan.
  • Lake Sevan is the largest and a guaranteed source of fresh water in the Caucasus.

On the banks of the largest lake in Armenia createdNational Park of the same name. Its name comes from the word, translated from the ancient language of the people of Urartu as the "lake". On the origin of its main reservoir Armenians are many legends that are willing to talk to the guests.
The main attraction and a wealth of Lake Sevan- Its famous trout, trout, where you can eat in local restaurants. This type of fish is endemic, that is not found in other waters. The reserve on the banks of the population protected by the Armenian gulls, and staying on the lake swans and dives are the subject of surveillance of both scientists and visitors to Lake Sevan.
Another attraction of these parts - the ancientSevan Monastery, which is located on the former island to turn due to lower water levels in the peninsula. Founded in the IX century, the monastery is a national symbol of Armenia and one of the most famous architectural relics. On the shores of Lake Sevan are located hundreds of famous cross-stones - ancient stone stelae with a cross.

Which sea to Armenia?

And yet this question, regardless of the informationon the globe, you can answer - different! In Armenia, the traveler hospitality await the sea, hospitality and unique cultural and historical monuments. And in the ancient land on Lake Sevan guests will swim in the sea of ​​heat that the sun gives caucasian everyone who decided to see the snow cap of Mount Ararat.

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