Bus tours to Armenia. The cost of bus tours in Armenia in 2016

Bus tours to Armenia

Bus tours to Armenia

Take a trip to Armenia is good at any timeof the year. It is a warm country with a surprisingly beautiful mountains. If you choose a bus tour to Armenia, the trip will not disappoint you. There you will find a welcoming land, a unique flavor that is unforgettable! The country, with its majestic beauty and strict sedate tranquility will reveal you their age-old symbol - a great view of Mount Ararat, because it is to her, according to Scripture, Noah's Ark.

Once here, in Armenia, you personally makethat it is not for nothing that the government styled "open air museum". Here, miraculously managed to survive numerous evidence of the existence of many ancient civilizations. Respect Armenians helped a wide variety of historical and architectural monuments to reach our days. Therefore, Armenia can rightly be called an amazing repository of cultural heritage of many generations of our common ancestors.

Armenia Attractions

So it happened that tours to Armenia give usopportunity to touch almost the most ancient Christian shrines. Here you can witness the ancient temples. And tired of sightseeing, then a good rest on the green hills, looking at the silhouette of Mount Ararat, or water surface of Lake Sevan. Relaxation can be extended to mineral hospitals of Armenia, who miraculously restore power. Here you will find a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Bus tours in Armenia suggest visitinga number of museums and historical sites. You view the monuments will be organized. And yet it will be interesting to hear the stories about the customs, traditions and national ceremonies Armenians.

If you are lucky, or coincide in time, youYou will be able to see how fun to celebrate national holidays here. Amazing beauty of nature and Armenia. Incredible, delightful gorges, valleys, canyons and mountain passes. And what here pomegranate trees! As mysteriously watching the sunset mountain peaks! It is worth visiting just because of these beauties. These places are extremely picturesque, and they are, for sure, will remain forever in your heart, it is necessary to visit them at least once!

We should also be said about the capital of Armenia -Yerevan. There are so many fountains and extraordinary comfort reigns. Nice to wander through the old part of town, and then n6epremenno look into more advanced areas, in order to feel the contrast. And then it is possible and on the nature - merge with the unsurpassed beauty of the local valleys and mountains.

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