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Flag of Armenia

Flag of Armenia

As it is known, it is based on the flag of ArmeniaArmenian flag, which was founded in the early twentieth century. According to the external form it appears in the form of a rectangle, and the width of the figures more than double the length of the performance. The cloth consists of equivalent strips arranged horizontally.

In particular, it took ninety yearofficial law on the national flag. At the same time it approved the emblem of this country, and with the approval of his coat of arms was used (at its creation worked Kojoyan artist and architect Tamanyan). Coat of Arms consists of a shield divided into four sections, and five additional members.

Each section is a symbol of an independentArmenian kingdom (in their history there were four). Directly behind the shield are placed Lion with Eagle, and they are the real kings of animals, symbolizing wisdom, signs, patience, generosity. For several centuries they have been considered symbols of the royal family.

Below the shield is the five elements. The chain, which is broken, is a symbol of freedom and independence, the sword symbolizes the national power and authority, ears of wheat - Armenian diligence and Pyreva handle can denote culture and intellect of Armenian heritage.

On the Armenian state flag stillcalled Eragu'yn. The upper strip of cloth on a red coloring, the average strip is colored blue, and the bottom - orange. With regard to performance ratio of width to length indicators, they are one to two. In 2006 the Armenian government the new law, which tells about the flag was adopted.

Is there a lot of interpretations of symbolsthese colors. A more commonly used red coloring, which symbols of the blood shed by Armenian soldiers. Blue coloring denotes Armenian sky, and orange colors represent fertile farmland.

The constitutional order of the Armenian governmentIt requires approval of a few other color values. For example, a red coloring indicates Highlands in Armenia, Armenians unceasing struggle for existence, Christianity, independence of the state. The blue coloring is associated with the desire of the Armenians to a life without war. Finally, the orange coloring - a symbol of creative talent, as well as Armenian diligence.

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