Independent travel to Armenia

Alone in Armenia

Alone in Armenia

Country rock, apricots, ancient temples and gentlehearted people of Armenia are always happy to receive guests from Russia. This could come at any time of year and in any company, after toasting the beautiful, fragrant barbecue and interesting historical attractions more than enough for any number of travelers. Independently Armenia can go by plane to Yerevan and Gyumri from Moscow by train via Georgia.

entry formalities

A visa for Russian citizens to travel toArmenia is not required, and therefore special obstacles for the owner of a foreign passport does not exist. If you are going by yourself in Armenia, but are planning to enter Georgian territory, it is important to know the rules of crossing the border of the Transcaucasian republic. A visa is not needed there as well, but in the passport should not be marks of visiting South Ossetia or Abkhazia. Such stamps guarantee failure in the Georgian visa.

Drama and spending

The only Armenian national currency -Armenian dram. Dollars and euro change in banks and exchange offices, but take a little where - it is illegal, and the Armenians are in no hurry to break the rules. Going to the hinterland, it is important to have a supply of cash in order not to be trapped due to the lack of ATMs in villages.
Armenia - a very inexpensive country. Fully dine together in Yerevan can be $ 20, while on the table and will be wine and barbecue, and cheese, and herbs.

Useful observation

  • Alone in Armenia to take the car to not hireworth it - state of the roads everywhere, except in the capital, a truly depressing, and serpentine are not familiar to residents of the Russian hinterland. Hire a local driver with a car. It does not cost more, but will be much more pleasant and useful.
  • Do not buy bottled water, because in Armenia can be drunk straight from the tap and get water from drinking fountains installed in the squares of cities and on highways. It is useful and tasty.
  • Try to visit the ancient temples in the morning, while there are not too many tourist groups. Moreover, the morning is especially beautiful light and obtained amazing photos.
  • from duduk to carpets - all sold at a flea market "Vernissage" in Yerevan. It is there and worth buying souvenirs. Trading is not only appropriate, but also necessary.
  • Be sure to try the kebab of crayfish, being on Lake Sevan. Such courses do not prepare more than anywhere in the world absolutely. There you can buy unique jam of young pine cones.


  • Alone in Armenia
  • Alone in Armenia

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