Prices in Armenia - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Armenia

Prices in Armenia

Prices in Armenia

Prices in Armenia are low, and thus a vacation here will be able to carry out any class representatives.

Shopping and souvenirs

As part of a shopping tour in Armenia you canget clothing, national drinks, technical novelties, jewelry and precious jewelry. It offers - various shops, boutiques, small shops, markets, malls, shopping centers. If your goal - to get the old carpet, leave behind him a huge flea market "Vernissage", who is in Yerevan.

In memory of the holiday in Armenia should bring:

  • ceramics, clay, glass, wood, andlace, jewelry, carpets with national patterns (the price may reach several thousand $), Copper Turks "dzhazve" boxes inlaid with mother of pearl, precious metals and precious stones, dolls dressed in national costumes, backgammon;
  • Cognac ( "Armenian", "Noah", "Ararat", "Sayat Nova"), wine, spring water, sweets, spices.

In Armenia, you can buy cheese from $ 3, condiments and herbs - from $ 2 / bag, ceramic teapot - from $ 10, the product of coral - from $ 9, a quality Armenian brandy - from $ 16.

Excursions and Entertainment

On a walking tour in Yerevan youstroll around the city and visit the State Museum of History of Armenia, on the carpet factory, in the Museum of Genocide and other sights to see. This 3-hour tour costs about $ 25.

On the tour you will learn in Gyumri withcolorful Armenian town: walking up to the old streets, you will not only hear the ringing of the blacksmith's hammer, but also see the Church of the Holy Virgin, visit the Drama Theater named after A. Mravyan, stroll through Central Park of the city. The approximate cost of the tour - $ 40.

See how to produce Armenian brandy and taste the famous drink, visit the Yerevan Brandy Factory. Approximate cost - $ 15.

The whole family should go to the water park Water World,where you will wait for large and children's slides, bungee jumping, various attractions, swimming pools, VIP-zone, cafes, restaurants, a jacuzzi. The approximate cost of entry - $ 15-20.


Directions to the Metro and bus will cost you 0.2$, Taxi - $ 0.2-0.3, taxi - $ 0.4-0.7 per kilometer (about the price should agree in advance with the driver, because it depends on the duration and direction).

In the case of economical vacation in Armenia, you will be able to keep within the $ 20-30 per day for 1 person, but for a more comfortable stay you will have to spend about $ 50 per day for 1 person.


  • Prices in Armenia
  • Prices in Armenia
  • Prices in Armenia

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