Rent a car in Armenia. Car Hire Armenia - prices

Rent a car in Armenia

Rent a car in Armenia

Get to Armenia can be direct flights from theMoscow or with transfers from other Russian cities. To visit the country for a visa is not required. Cheap rent a car in Armenia is subject to the conditions:

  • the presence of Russian rights;
  • age of 21 years;
  • driving experience of 1 year.

The advantages of using the rented carare obvious: you will be able to visit comfortably all your places, in addition, can help you save money, and most importantly - the time to wait for public transport or taxi.

Features SDA Armenia

Traffic regulations in this country are absolutely identicalRussian. That is by renting a car, you can not worry about the different kinds of nuances, lie in wait for you on the road. However, we must consider the fact that if you got into an accident on a rented machine, in any case can not be decided independently of the disputes. In this case, you must call the road traffic police.

Also, do not abuse alcoholdrink driving, because if you show up in a blood alcohol content in excess of the permitted limit, this will inevitably lead to quite a heavy fine, and maybe even to the deprivation of a driver's license.

Capabilities and features recreation

Make purchases at malls and storesIt may be paying only the national currency. When visiting the country should see the top of Mount Ararat, and even the remains of the ark, to taste the local brandy. The Armenian language is surprising, therefore, to travel to the country is to take a phrase book or learn a few words. Local restaurants and cafes served important national dish - soup of beef tail. mountain climate prevails in Armenia with changes in temperature, depending on the location in relation to sea level. The best time to visit Armenia - this fall, it was then possible to try the ripe fruit, sunbathe and swim.

Most of the shops and stores in the country runsdaily, everything you need can be bought in department stores. In specialty stores you can buy carpets and wood products. They are easy to remove, pack your luggage in the package. Local restaurants and cafes should taste minced meat kebab in the dining menu, a special place, it is served, regardless of the type of institution and the contingent of visitors.

In Yerevan you can stay in a modern hotelor hotel complex, if your plans include visiting the small towns, you can stay on the territory of a small Gostiny Dvor. Armenia - a country of mountains, so climbing enthusiasts when visiting this country you can also rent equipment and try to climb to the top with the support of an experienced guide. When climbing to the top, you can drink the water of a small mountain stream.


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