Restaurants in Armenia - the best restaurants and cafes in Armenia

Restaurants in Armenia

Restaurants in Armenia

It is said that the writer Paulo Coelho, undoubtedlywho knows a lot about pleasure, dine in Yerevan restaurant appealed to the gods, and shared with them the joy that finally grasped the soul of Armenia. Perhaps this is just a legend, writing that Caucasians are much more, but the Armenian restaurants - really, one of the essential components of any trip to the country and apricot stones. This cuisine is able to complement the stunning impression of the old temples erected on the mountain cliffs, and local hospitality - brighten a certain austerity and modesty poor, but so friendly country.

Armenian cuisine

Historians believe that the inhabitants of these lands were able tobake bread in the V century BC Traditions of cooking the most famous dishes in the restaurants of Armenia have not changed for centuries, and because ordering any of these hash, khorovats or dolma, and today we can be sure that it will be served a dish, which came to the delight of the travelers of the past.

Mirror Lake Sevan

One of the Armenian symbols - the majestic lakeSevan, which is found in the waters of unique Sevan trout. Local fishermen call it the trout and it was she who becomes the highlight of the culinary program of Armenian restaurants located on the coast. These places - real food temples. It made erect spacious dining rooms in the style of the XIX century with exposed ceiling rafters, rough masonry natural stone, open-hearth fire and heavy wooden furniture.

Tradition, serving, useful addresses

For those who are in Armenia for the first time, anymeal will seem amazing and beautiful. It is not made to rush for a meal, lunch here quietly flowing into dining and waiters never be customized guests and ostentatiously rattle dishes hinting at the imminent closure. Experts recommend places where locals sit themselves. This rule is valid in all countries of the world, and Armenia is in the list - is no exception.
The pricing policy of restaurants in Armenia veryfriendly and each, even the most respectable institution can be found in the menu dishes that will delight wise Caucasian combination of price and quality. At the same time, or one portion khinkali cake khachapuri is safely possible to feed a small but friendly company.
Street nameless cafe on Yerevan streetsProshyan called BBQ-street, not inferior eminent restaurants as a meal and enjoy pleasing prices, and because of such fast food is very popular, if you need a quick snack. And yet, to find a good restaurant in Armenia, we can safely seek the advice of locals - taxi drivers, street vendors, and even the police. The mass of useful information and welcome participation in the further fate of the hungry traveler is guaranteed!


  • Restaurants in Armenia
  • Restaurants in Armenia

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