Taxis in Armenia - price, order. How much is a taxi in Armenia

Taxis in Armenia

Taxis in Armenia

Provision of taxi services in Armenia - thepopular way of earning men. The drivers are friendly, always happy to help in any way they can. In some places, you can get there only by a taxi driver and only because you are a local resident.

Language features

In general, the Russian language among the local populationno problem. Yerevan and the surrounding areas, all drivers are fluent in them and can communicate with you. In some more remote parts of the country from Yerevan, may be a problem with the language, but it needs to move away from the very center of the country in the hinterland.

New laws

More recently, the country introduced a newlaw concerning the licensing of local taxi drivers. Previously, this category of people to use good benefits, paid little taxes, and so the fare was not so great. Many tourists as locals prefer to travel is by taxi rather than public transport. Now, the fare had to raise.

The price of a taxi

Taxi drivers in Armenia very much, sodifficulties to transport the tourists here do not. As a rule, one-third of the total flow of cars - it is precisely those most taxi drivers. Taksovat here are not the only ones who designed the official license, but also private cab drivers. If you hire a driver, which works unofficially, it is worth remembering that they are taking more and can deceive on the cost of the trip. So here it is better to call a car by phone: + (374) 55445557, +374 (10) 22-22-22, +374 55 489050.

If tourists need to leave the hotel and go about his business, he offered her a taxi, the prices here, too, can be a bit too high.

As for the service, then it depends on thedriver. If a person is honest, neat, and then in the car he will be clean. The amount more than the one that showed the counter, it does not require. If you like a particular driver, then for every trip you can order it was his car.

Counter hanging in the car near the windshield, on theIt can be clearly seen and the price, and the number of kilometers surmounted. Today in Yerevan fare per kilometer is 100 drams. If the driver is waiting for you, then one hour of downtime would have to pay 1000 drams. Taxi from the airport will always be more expensive than at the airport. With many private cabbies can easily agree, but there are those who strongly overestimate the price, and very intrusive.

On the bus to move around the country is very uncomfortable, because in some areas they have to wait very long.

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  • Taxis in Armenia
  • Taxis in Armenia

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