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Tourism in Armenia

Tourism in Armenia

A small but very proud country and Armenia is generoussincere respect to any visitor that crosses its borders for peaceful purposes. Tourism in Armenia is on the way to becoming, of business leaders still catch up and overtake.

But for the traveler to choose these wonderfulplace, open the mysterious pages of the ancient state of Urartu. And you can still see a stunningly beautiful mountain scenery and Lake Sevan, taste the most delicious dishes of national cuisine, including the famous kebab, spend better tasting Armenian brandy.

Travel without incident

Many tourists have already visited Armenia,argued that its capital - one of the safest cities in the world. It can be up late at night to walk the streets absolutely calm. Although it is clear that precautions would not want, and the money and ornaments guest is kept under control.

Drinking water from the tap, really,suitable for drinking, even without boiling, because it comes from pristine mountain springs. Tourists in Armenia love mineral water from local producers.


In Yerevan you can move many kindstransport, including buses, shuttles and taxis. For sightseeing around the capital is better to address any local travel agent. The low cost of the excursion trip will surprise tourists, especially in comparison with a rich program and received impressions.

Travel from Yerevan to Lake Sevan can betake a train, however, it will be quite a long time and without any facilities. It is possible to rent out the car, but cheaper and more convenient to hire a taxi, although speeds, sharp turns and desperate Armenian drivers accustomed difficult.

Great Armenia

The country is proud of preserved monumentsa history of more than one thousand years, ancient churches and monasteries. One of these monasteries located in the outskirts of the capital. This is a place loved by tourists another reason that here is the most visible Mount Ararat, which everyone knows Counting on children and the legend of November ark himself to the local ground. However, the mountain itself is located on the territory of Turkey.

Separate travel demand Armenian castles, fortresses, belonging to the X-XIII centuries, the rich local princes. The highlight of this trip will be familiar with the ruins of ancient Urartu.


  • Tourism in Armenia
  • Tourism in Armenia
  • Tourism in Armenia

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