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Traditions of Armenia

Traditions of Armenia

The ancient history and rich traditions of Armeniaattract today to apricot stones and more visitors and tourists. It is home to a very welcoming people for whom each stepped the threshold of their house with an open heart, it is the family and friends.

Family values

The Armenian family head and undoubted authority- Man. His word here - the law and opinion - the only correct. However, wise and tactful Armenian woman will always find a way to make it so that its vision of the situation wonderfully "coincides" with the opinion of the husband, but because in the Armenian families are rarely quarrels and scandals.
Children, on the Armenian tradition, revere and respect their elders and instantly fulfill any wish or request them. The old men in an Armenian family - the most respected people and their authority is indisputable.
In the old days of the wedding the young negotiatedparents and children could only acquiesce to their opinion. Today, the younger generation of Armenians is increasingly finds his own half, but still welcome in every family, to veins or daughter-in-law ran only Armenian blood.

Guest at the threshold

With the scope to meet and welcome guests - one of theirArmenia's most famous traditions. Those who find themselves in these parts for the first time, it may seem that every house table is set permanently. Accept the invitation to visit Armenian family, without a doubt - so you can make good friends for a lifetime.
Armenians put on the table all that is best in the house. Their meal can last for hours, but in conversation, toast, interesting stories and stories about native land time fly.

Useful things

  • Going to Armenia, do not hesitate to asklocals for help. Armenians always willing prompt way, recommend a restaurant or hotel, advise where to buy souvenirs or what to see in his hometown.
  • The representatives of the younger generation, especially in the provinces, more rarely speak Russian, but their parents know and remember language, uniting once representatives of the fifteen republics of the USSR.
  • Traveling through the ancient temples, followdress code, despite the fact that most of them are not already active. Armenian Tradition is recommended to cover the holy places of the woman's head and remove headdress man.
  • Do not develop in the subject of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, to avoid causing negative emotions among the interlocutors.


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