Features of Asia - communion, cuisine, traditions

Asia Features

Asia Features

Located on one continent with Europe, thispart of the world is different from "western colleagues" as heaven and earth. Material describing the national peculiarities of Asia, in fact, can be opened only in the multi-volume edition, because there is a division not only in the nation and the country, but also the regions. Residents of West Asia are very different from their eastern neighbors. This tourist who chooses Asian direction, should study a particular country (the alleged place of rest) and its inhabitants.

In the West Asia

The population of these countries is much closer to the Europeans,than the Indians or Japanese. Although there exist different culture, mentality and rules of conduct. Most of the inhabitants profess the Muslim religion, in this regard, the tourist should be careful when visiting mosques. It is important not to offend believers, quite small, in the opinion of the European, things such as shorts or nesnimaniem shoes at the entrance to the temple.

The second point concerns the relationship with the femalefloor. For the beautiful half of the local population is better not to pay any attention at all, and in relation to their own companion is better to show tact and restraint. Nice tourist should also be polite, not to provoke a "hot" local people are too open dresses.

Activities in the Indian

Country surprised, firstly, the diversity of cultures,which differ not only in the north or the south, but also in almost every state. Secondly, there are a large number of religions, representatives of which peacefully coexist with each other.

By choosing to holiday pastime Indiashould be ready to meet with amazing architecture, preserving the national character and ancient tradition. Tourists waiting for a unique Indian cuisine, based on ordinary rice, using spices turning into a magical product. Major national traditions manifest themselves in the culture, song, dance, art.

Time of flowering cherry

Japan holds a special place among other countriesAsia, because it is located on numerous islands and has mainland. Therefore, Japanese culture, way of life very different from even the closest neighbors.

Tourists are surprised by the coldness of outer indigenousJapanese calmness and restraint, where even children do not cry. On the other hand, the Japanese are able to notice and describe the subtle movements of the human soul and natural beauty. They have erected a cult sakura, cherry blossom and cherry blossom means much more than a natural phenomenon.


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