Asia's population. The population in Asia particularly, weight, composition

The population of Asia

The population of Asia

The population in Asia is more than 4 billion people (60% of the population).
Primitive people were looking for the "best" of the earth, sothey constantly roamed. Thus, the first state emerged in Asia on the banks of the Indus river, the Euphrates, the Yellow River and the Tiger, thanks to the fact that there is a huge amount of water.
The national structure of Asia is represented by:

  • Chinese;
  • Japanese;
  • Bengalis;
  • Hindus;
  • other nations.

Asia's population density is uneven, for example, in the Arabian Peninsula at 1 km2 it is home to only a few people, and in Bangladesh - 1000 people!
Densely populated country, adjacent to large rivers (Central and Southern parts of Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Japan).
In Asia, inhabited by Mongoloid (Chinese), Negro (the peoples of South and Southeast Asia) and Caucasian (peoples of West Asia) races.
Asia's population practice Islam, Confucianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Shintoism.
In Asia, they speak more than 2,000 languages, but the most common languages ​​- Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic.
Major Asian cities: Shanghai (China), Karachi (Pakistan), Beijing (China), New Delhi (India), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Seoul (Korea).

life expectancy

On average, Asians live up to 70 years.
Asians are quite healthy lifestyle - theymake long walks, eat simple and useful products, do not approve of drinking alcohol (Asians drink, but it is condemned and considered bad form), use of herbal infusions and teas, allowing to get rid of various ailments.

Traditions and customs

In Asia, home to people of different nationalities,which have their own traditions and customs. For example, in China, on the island of Chhenchau annually celebrate buns Festival (late April-early May), which is accompanied by a parade, a variety of performances, shows, dancing. And late in the evening organized competition - participants must climb the 14-meter hill, the construction of plastic rolls. The winner is the one who will gather for 3 minutes in your bag more than any buns at the very top of the mountain (competitions are held in several stages).
And, for example, in Thailand celebrate love and brightunique "Ghost Festival" (festival lasts 3 days: this year it will be held July 28-30). In one day, the participants of the festival put on scary masks and fancy costumes, in the 2 - launch rocket, accompanying this action music, dances, songs, and a 3-day - all Thais gather at the temple of Wat Ponchaev to listen to the 13 Buddha's sermons.
If you decide to visit Asian countries, come on,it is important to show respect for the traditions of Asians - at the entrance to their house remove your shoes, the temples do not wear too revealing clothes when meeting called his name several times, repeat the name and last name of a new acquaintance, welcome new friends with a nod or a show of hands, and, of course, do not forget to smile (smile - a sign of gratitude, a positive attitude to life, a way to avoid conflict situations).


  • The population of Asia

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