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Traditional cuisine in Asia

Traditional cuisine in Asia

Asian cuisine includes spicy and aromatic dishes of Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Philippine, Malaysian cuisine (many dishes are based on rice).

Food in Asia

Asian cuisine is unthinkable without thetraditional noodles - you will have the opportunity to try it in the composition of soups or salads, dressed, usually soy sauce. In addition to soy sauce, Asians like to supplement their food fish sauce, wasabi, ginger, chili seasoning, curry paste, tofu.

Since Asian dishes seasoned with spices, then, for example, in Korea you can taste dishes, complemented by roasted sesame seeds, and in China - anise, Dittany, Szechuan pepper.

Travel Asian countries - paradisegourmets: they can taste delicacies known for unusual properties. These delicacies are fermented soybeans natto (these sharp beans have the smell of dirty socks), tortoise jelly (it is made from powdered tortoiseshell and as jelly turns bitter, that is, it is better with condensed milk or honey), basashi (this dish raw horse meat is low in cholesterol and high in protein), the Japanese puffer fish (this is a poisonous fish, but cooked properly is safe and soft).

In addition, Asian countries can try traditional dishes - sashimi, sushi, a variety of culinary delights from seafood and fish, rice dishes and meat.

When visiting the Asian countries, should beidea of ​​universal principles related to nutrition. For example, in China, it is advisable to try local food gradually, alternating with the consumption of these foods familiar to you diet. And in Indonesia before a meal is recommended to drink a few sips of an alcoholic beverage, such as cognac - it avoids gastrointestinal disorders and infections.

Where to eat in Asia? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants;
  • fast food restaurants;
  • sushi bars.

Drinks in Asia

A popular drink in Asia are tea, sake (rice wine), beer, wine, "snake vodka" (it insist on a live snake, ginseng root and various herbs).

Gastronomic Tour in Asia

Gastronomic tour in Asia - the right solution forgourmets and food lovers. . For example, a trip to Phuket, Samui, Taiwan, Hong Kong and others will be accompanied by the evening or night walk for a meal - you can taste the food that smells sharp, spicy and unfamiliar. In addition, you can taste octopus, snakes and centipedes, exotic fruits.

Want to try the taste of Asia? Embark on a gastronomic tour, especially as the taste and flavor of local food will give you a breath-taking basis for memories of your holiday in Asia.

Photos national Asian dishes

  • Traditional cuisine in Asia
  • Traditional cuisine in Asia
  • Traditional cuisine in Asia

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